EZD6 Target Cards (just for fun)




These are excellent, nice work!


I just can’t post the number 5 as it it doesn’t let me upload another image. Is there a limit of images per post?

Also: The pics are 13 cm x 18 cm which is the largest size for regular online foto service in Germany. So my idea was to print the these as fotos (which is really cheap)


There may very well be a limit, though I have not every had that issue specifically. I guess you could always include number 5 as it’s own post in this thread.

Having them sized to a standard poker card may be helpful to some. That would be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches or 63.5 x 88.9 mm.


I couldnt do it from the mobile device I was on…but it should be here now :smiley:


These look great! How do you think you’d use them at your table? Throw one down as you call out the target for a roll?


Actually a foto could explain much easier but I am not in school right now. I use different colored meeples to organize a group of 8 students. The monsters do have black or white meeples or sometimes other board game figures. To make it easier for the students I draw fotos of the monsters and put them on a wooden Tablet stand to show how the monster looks like and explain what figure represents which monster on the table. Since the armor class varies from 4-6 in my game. The cards show what to role to hit a certain monster. e.g. there are a bunch of goblins ac: 4 and they are controlled by an evil bugbear ac: 6. I‘ll post a picture on Monday with the setup. :smile:


Nice! These are great.


I imagine them as a ‘Room DC’.
You are in the Hobgoblins’ Lair. Every task (sneaking, attacking, intimidating etc.) is 4, but the chieftain can be attacked only with a bane, because he is so fierce, hanging mummified heads from his belt, fresh blood on his lips… :slight_smile: