EZD6 Specialized Character Sheets + Bonus Scrolls



Here is the updated list of my EZD6 character sheet. As well as a generic one. I also added a few scroll-cards for those interested.




And also a blank one:



Very cool, I love what you have done.


Omg Scotty!

Haha, now I feel all bad that I changed the wording a little bit (magick to magic, and removed the EZD6 in-Universe lore names from scrolls), did it mainly so it would fit a more generic fantasy setting (which I run).

But hand on my hearth here, next iterations of content I make will be EZD6’ifyied and a little more personal to your brand.

It’s my love note to my favorite system. Me and my players have never had more fun than we do now.

We couldn’t be more thankful!


Those are great! Lean and clean and the pre-filled abilities make it so much easier for new players!

And the scrolls too… awesome! Love using visual aids like this, getting a token is so much quicker than writing things down.

One question - what font have you used for the sections (eg “EQUIPMENT”)? There is a small typo on the Skald sheet (“Traveller”) and I wanted to fix it.

Amazing stuff!


These are great and make creating characters even more of a breeze for new players. They were a big hit on our initial game, thank you for sharing them.


Wish I had noticed these before! Fabulous, and love the brute’s armor icon.


Don’t remember. But I was planning to revisit them. Do you have anything you’d like me to add maybe? Also, I think I will remove my house rule ration tracker so it is strictly puritanical EZD6


Haha, aye. Had a giggle myself at that


So glad to hear. I am gonna update these, so curious if you have any wishes and such?


They are really really good as is, some of the font is small but I understand why for space concerns and it is more a product of my old person eyes than anything else lol. Thanks again for the work you put in on these. :slight_smile:


these are great! can you tell me what font that is?