EZD6 Healing


How do you guys deal with healing in EZD6?We have rules for resting - nice and simple but what about magic, miracles and potions?


Beyond the rules for the Friar and potions healing 2 strikes?


Pretty much I guess because most game systems have a lot more covering healing and EZD6, by its very nature of being simple, doesn’t.

So, from what I can gather, we have the following possible avenues for healing…

• Eating / resting for a day nets us a single strike.
• Friars can heal once per day unless they burn karma.
• Friars can perform empathic healing which under specific situations is great but for general healing isn’t.
• Potions can of course be used as you mentioned.
• Chirurgeon inclination.
• Magical items such as the Dagger of the Blooddrinker.
• Miracles can be used, I presume, but there aren’t any details about how this is performed (that I can find).

Looking at it, that’s quite a list :slight_smile: However, I do feel that using Miracles to heal could have a little more attention. How would you guys handle things like using Miracles to heal 1 strike or healing 1 strike for everyone in the party or curing a disease, etc. Any ideas?


I would say ask for what you want, and then let the RR decide how many aloof dice to roll–same as any other miracle.

As for magick, I guess you could make a healing spellcircle, but that area seems to be covered by the friar already.


I allow each character to “take a breath” once per session or once between long rests, depending on how combat-heavy the game is.
The player can spend a turn to try to heal one strike. It’s a straight d6 roll and they have to roll a 6. They can attempt as many times as they want, but once it’s used, it’s used.


I like that idea. I’ll grab that if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


My understanding is that healing is intentionally very limited in EZD6. That said, hack it to your taste. I’ve implemented a karma-esque ability in my ICRPG game and I can tell you that letting players boost rolls AND have easy access to healing makes them very, very tough to challenge.

My fix is to keep turning up the heat until I figure out how to push them, but it might make more sense to keep healing limited.


Pages 18 and 50 define Miracles, including using them to heal up to six characters.