EZD6 goes Mecha



After rabble rousing and playing a bit of EZD6 I’m even more in love with this ruleset. As I recently also bought “The Mecha Hack” I was instantly in love with the idea to run a Mecha vs Kaiju game with EZD6 mechanics as I think the Karma mechanic is perfectly suited for Mecha combat. So below you can find my adaption of the great Mecha Hack to EZD6 :slight_smile:


Merge the great work done in “The Mecha Hack” with the awesome EZD6 mechanics for a fun fast mecha mayhem!

Basic Mechanic

Same as in book, roll 1D6 for a basic test, +1D6 for boon etc. Karma points are called reactor points for flavor. You can overclock once to trade one strike for +3 reactor dice (maybe this should be a mecha class specific trait). The game is meant to be played in turn order throughout the game. Each turn consists of two actions. An action is either a move, attack, a usage of a pilot action, using a reactor module or a consumable.

Character Generation

Choose a pilot that fits your idea of a character concept and then choose a chassis.

Pilot Traits

Each pilot comes with specific boons as well as a unique action he can take as part of his turn.

  • Commander:

    • start with +2 reactor points
    • boon on anything presence/character strength related
    • Command: Ask one ally to do a short action in your turn (just shoot or move or cast)
  • Engineer:

    • One additional reactor module
    • quick fix: heal one strike on a near ally
  • Maverick:

    • make all saves with a boon,
    • boon on melee or ranged attack (choose one)
    • Charge in shooting: Shoot while running with bane
  • Quipster:

    • Gut Instinct / danger sense (boon on noticing stuff)
    • Inspiring Speech: Give an ally a boon in one category in the next turn
    • Teamplayer: Allys may use reactor dice to manipulate RR rolls

Mecha Chassis

  • Brawler: The brawler is a fast moving, chassis with a combat focused loadout. It carries a shield and power weapon as well as medium ranged weapon

    • Armor save: 5+ (4+ with shield, where it makes sense) Miracolous save: 5+
    • Built for combat: On a charge it will attack with two d6
    • 2 Module slots
  • Scout: Light, fast, stealthy equipped with ranged and melee weapon

    • Armor save: 6+/ Miracolus save 6+ roll with boon (stacks with maverick)
    • Ambush: Surprise attack roll 2d6, inflict 2 strikes
    • Stealth mode: Use an action and make a stealth check against room resistance to become hidden with 2d6, rerolling 1s (like EZD6 scrolls)
    • 1 Module slot
  • Striker: Striker, your jack of all trades combat/support mecha. Equipped with ranged and melee weapons

    • Armor save: 5+ Miracolous save: 5+
    • 3 Module slots
    • Power Bank: Share own reactor points with close allys
    • Heavy lifter: Boon on all strength related tasks
  • Titan: Big,slow, hard hitting, no melee weapons

    • Armor save: 4+ Miracolous save: 5+
    • 3 Module slots
    • Big Boy: Bane on all mobility / stealth related checks
    • BFG: Ranged attacks crit on a 5+, attack with 2d6
    • Siege Mode: you can enter siege mode as an action, attack twice but not allowed to move until you exit siege mode. Bane on Miracolous saves, all enemies have a boon targeting you. Armor save goes up to 3+

Reactor Modules

Reactor modules are mechanically working similar as Magick in EZD6. You can choose a power level. Each 1 will give you a heat point. This can’t be modified by Karma/reactor points. If you amass 3 heat you’re overheated. You get a bane on all actions until you take a turn to recover or take a strike to override the heat management. After recovery your heat points are gone.
Reactor modules needs to be activated either against room resistance or against enemy resistance. Similar as Magick

  • Chest Beam: On a successful test, 1 enemy takes a hit and is pushed back far. If it hit’s an obstacle it will take a strike.
  • Grappler: Contested power test with enemy, if successful enemy is pulled in close and takes one strike. Can also be used as a grappling hook if cast against room resistance.
  • Quake Generator: Close objects/enemies are pushed to near. If against a wall take one strike
  • Lock on: All allys have a boon on attacking the targeted mecha/enemy
  • Particle Barrier: Generate a physical barrier that can’t be penetrated within close of you. Big enough for 2 Mechas to take cover
  • Exothermic Shielding: The next time you take melee damage the enemy mecha takes one strike
  • Booster: do a doulbe move far on success
  • Jump Pack: Make a far jump on success


Take one action to use

  • Booster: regain 3 reactor points
  • Sensor Jammer: Instantly become hidden until your next round
  • Repair Kit: Regain one strike for yourself or a friendly mecha in close distance
  • Scouting drone: Lasts one minute is hard to hit but automatically destroyed on a strike. You may preceive through the drone same as through your Mecha.
  • HE Ammo: When equipped you crit on a 5+ for ranged attacks until the next failed attack


Have you converted any the enemies from the The Mecha Hack Mission Manual?