EZD6 Book of Beasts


Here is a version of an EZD6 monster manual (The Book of Beasts).

Updated 10/27/2022: Storm Giant and Shoggoth (named beast).


Amazing, I love this idea! Just ran my first EZ game this weekend and I used a Black Hack adventure and converted the enemies in it to EZD6 on the spot and it worked wonderfully.!


What did you run! Love EZD6 and Black Hack :slight_smile:


Awesome work. I love how you say it will be added to over time. Wish I had of done this for the monsters I have made up in the past. Like a custom bestiary of my world.
New project inbound lol.


Book of Beasts updated… added Watcher Fiend (my version of a Beholder), and added “Named Beasts” to the end. Named beasts are one-of-a-kind creatures.


Updated with Kriv Walkers, Foglet, and Will-O’-Wisp.


Is there a method or template that you used to convert beasts to EZD6? I am wanting to convert enemies from the The Mecha Hack Mission Manual into EZD6.


No particular method. I look at the Hit Die, and I try to make some interesting features to the monsters. I also assume that the EZD6 players are similar to a level 6-8 5e character and adjust accordingly. Some of the monsters need some play testing to make sure they fit the role correctly. More of an art than a science.


Updated 28 Jan 2023 with Hag, Witch, and Wyvern.


What would your your idea for a Hydra be? Also awesome job on all of this!


Perhaps something like:

Hydra starts with 5 heads.
Strikes 25 / To Hit 3
Multi-Attack: 1 bite attack per head
Grow Head: For every 5 strikes damage, one head dies, but it can grow 2 new heads at the end of round unless it has taken fire damage. For each head regrown, hydra recovers 5 strikes.


Interesting, I dig it.
It’s a very hard battle unless you learn about the monster you’re about to go out and fight.

This could be a fun quest. If no one in the party has fire magic. Then they’d have to go out and find a power scroll, weapons or something to help.

Thanks for the replying