EZD6 Adventure Zine - Doom of Oorum's Gorge



Hello fellow shields! Wanted to share an EZD6 adventure zine that I made with a few friends. It’s full of original artwork, and we’re really proud of it! Sample spreads below. In the Runhammer spirit, if you’re short on coin, dm me and I’ll hook you up with a PDF.


Very cool adventure.


Hey, thanks @DM_Scotty! That means a lot!


I’m currently running this! I’m running it as written but voice all the characters as southwestern, old west types. So it has a weird west kind of vibe. There is alot of scenes where things can go from bad to worse depending on how the players deal with the threats and i adore that. The Kragors and the Flame Kin were especially loved by my party. There were lots of “Crap…oh CRAP” moments and they LOVED IT. i looked forward to your next one!


Nice! Thanks for sharing this!


Your artwork is pretty evocative and inspiring too!


Hey, thanks everyone! It’s super exciting to hear that others are enjoying and RUNNING the adventure. We had a ton of fun writing it and doing the artwork.


Love the weird west vibe you’re giving it. That’s awesome!