EZ Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells Warp Shell Mashup


Yo! I’ve fallen head over heels for EZD6, the system is so easy to hack, and it just works at the table. I’ve also been looking to expand upon an epic Science Fantasy type campaign, so I picked up the great Diogo Nogueira’s SB&CS.

Here’s the scoop: I’ve mashed the SB&CS universe up with Warp Shell’s universe, and modified the base rules in EZD6 to work with both prior things. Here is a link to the base document that details the deviances from base EZD6. Note that I did this in a single day, about 4 hours of total work to throw this together.

Take a gander and let me know what you think! Strength, Honor, Beer!



I reviewed this and I really like this.

My approach would have been to take what is in EZD6 and flavor it with Sci-Fi. My only issue is taking away Hedge Wizard, because I think giving out Magi-Tech (Like Numenera) would be very cool to exclusively have for Gifted initially, but then have someone else take Hedge Wizard Inclination and be able to do one-time Powers.

Great job on this!


Are you going to develop the particular “circles of magic” for SB&CS? Or some of the items particular to that game?

I’m a fan of these things, and I think it looks like fun!


Hey thanks! I really want to run this sometime, but need to get the group and timing down for it.

Hmm, I could see changing Hedge Wizard to Void Touched or something along those lines and flavor scrolls as weird tech with single use ‘magic’ or ‘psionics.’


If/when I get to run this, I would just use the equipment lists in SB&CS/Warp Shell and mod it on the fly if needed. With EZD6 being so easy to mod on the fly, I’m not too worried about fleshing the equipment out really.

I wasn’t planning on developing any further circles, rather I was going to leave that mental task to anyone that chose to play a Gifted character, and take it off of my plate. The openendedness of EZD6 magick allows for that to be done very easily.

Thanks! I think it would be a blast to play a comedic light hearted game using this hack and in that combined universe for sure! Maybe someday I’ll get a group roped into it haha.


Reviewing my copy of EZD6 and what @NRod has gracefully provided us, I’m not sure if you really need to do much work, honestly.

Arcane Bands can easily be more Overpowered Psychokinesis, much like the telekinesis that the Gifted is already given, but much stronger.
Blaster Master can literally stay the same and the caster is literally glowing and tearing out with Cosmic Radiation magic or Void Hellfire.
Botanicalist can still stay the same and be used to work against Technology by bringing it down to Nature, OR reflavored nano-technomancy where the caster grows tendrils of bio-metal.
Elementalist pretty much stays the same, except you call it by Scientific terms like Cryomancy or Pyromancy

The only one that maybe needs work is Necromancy and Shapeshifter, but one can maintain the mechanics and just use Bio-Metal and NANOMACHINES, SON to control undead or robotic servitors OR transform into different robotic or animalistic creatures as needed.


Giving up an Inclination to get Hedge Wizard (VOID TOUCHED), then they can have access to weird one-time use of ancient Void-Tech. And throwing them around and making them very valuable is very good, as Spacers from all over the galaxy will fight for them.

I think of it like in Outlaw Star and Gene’s Caster Pistol. Gene cannot use Sorcery, but knows how to consistently use the Caster Shells effectively.