Expanding Skills with Expert Feats



In the same way we can customize spells and gear with effects for 3 pts each. I thought it could be cool to further customize skills with expert feats. Feats are like minor core abilities that you purchase for 3 Hero Points differentiate your character. So instead of increasing your skill by 3 points you add a little new mechanic. You need to have at least 6 points in a skill before you add a feat to it. And if you suffer attrition to that skill then you can’t use the associated feat until it is healed.

Here are my suggested expert feats:

  1. Animal Training - Animal Whisperer : Can momentarily calm even wild or hostile animals, making them indifferent for one turn.
  2. Armorer - Master Craftsman : Once per day during a rest, enhance an armor piece to give +1 DEF for 24 hours.
  3. Brawling - Momentum Shift : One per round redirect an opponent’s energy in combat, giving a chance to counterattack immediately after a successful evasion.
  4. Breakfall - Airborne Grace : In successful rolls, land on your feet, ready to act without any momentary disorientation.
  5. Climber - Spider’s Grip : Climb even on slippery or unstable surfaces
  6. Courtier - Silver Tongue : Once per day, automatically sway a non-hostile bureaucrat or royalty to your point of view.
  7. Disguise - Mimic’s Mastery : When you successfully adopt a disguise, not only do you visually match a specific person, but you also capture their mannerisms, speech patterns, and subtle behaviors, making it exceedingly difficult for others to discern your true identity (requires a disguise kir in inventory).
  8. Evade - Vanish : When you successfully evade an attack, you can also momentarily disappear from your attacker’s view, preventing them from targeting you until the end of the following round.
  9. Faith - Divine Favor : Once per day, receive a hint or guidance from your deity in moments of dire need.
  10. Forage - Nature’s Bounty : Instantly recognize if a plant is poisonous or beneficial.
  11. Gambling - Gambler’s Insight : Predict the outcome of a game of chance once per day.
  12. Hunting - Predator’s Instinct : When you succeed in hunting, you not only secure food but also gain an intuitive understanding of the terrain and potential dangers, giving you an edge in tracking and ambushing prey or avoiding potential threats in the area. Reroll any dice in the first round of the next combat that takes place outside in this area.
  13. Investigate - Intuition : Get a gut feeling when something is out of place in a scene.
  14. Jump - Wind Rider : Your mastery over jumping gives you the skill to twist, flip, and redirect your momentum mid-air. This allows you to reach unexpected platforms or evade mid-air obstacles.
  15. Knowledge - Depth of Insight : Once per day, on a success you can recall an obscure piece of information that is highly pertinent to your current situation, giving a +5 advantage or new perspective on the challenge at hand.
  16. Languages - Polyglot : Mimic accents perfectly, making locals believe you’re one of them.
  17. Linguist - Glyph Reader : Instantly recognize the origin of an unknown language or script.
  18. Lockpicking - Keymaster’s Insight : Upon successfully picking a particular lock, you gain an innate understanding of its mechanism, allowing you to lock and unlock it at will in the future.
  19. Magic - Arcane Shield : Once per day, negate the effects of a single spell targeted at you.
  20. Medical - Lifesaver’s Touch : Upon administering care, you effectively halt any bleeding or burns. If your companion is on the brink of death, you stabilize them for a duration of 1d6 phases.
  21. Mining - Earth’s Echo : Listen to the vibrations of the earth to detect hollow chambers or approaching entities underground.
  22. Muscle - Herculean Effort : Once per day, achieve an act of strength deemed impossible for most, such as holding up a collapsing structure momentarily.
  23. Spell Research - Arcane Experimentation : During rest, utilize your margin of success as virtual hero points to concoct an experimental spell. This creation is potent but unpredictable, allowing for a single use and possessing an Unstable nature. Only one experimental spell can be readied at a time. Beware: failing in this intricate process can immediately trigger an Unstable mishap.
  24. Stealth - Ghost Walker : Blend into shadows, on a success you may move and act without opening your defences.
  25. Streetwise - Urban Oracle : Instantly know the most notorious figure or most coveted secret in any new city.
  26. Survival - Death’s Adversary : Once per session, automatically stabilize from a lethal injury.
  27. Swimming - Merfolk’s Grace : Swim in turbulent waters without penalty and resist water-based hazards.
  28. Take Aim - Eagle Eye : Once per scene, guarantee maximum damage on your next ranged attack.
  29. Tracking - Nature’s Guide : Detect even the faintest of trails, including those masked by magic.
  30. Trading - Golden Tongue : Obtain a rare or unique item in every trade if you have the money to pay.
  31. Oratory - Captivating Narrator : Mesmerize an audience, ensuring their full attention and making them spread your message.
  32. Pickpocket - Sleight Supreme : On a success steal an item without the target ever realizing, even if they’re actively watching.
  33. Profession - Master Craftsman : Create an item or deliver a service that’s renowned in your area of expertise.
  34. Resist - Iron Will : Once per day, automatically resist an effect that targets your mind or body.
  35. Repair - Restorative Caution : Instead of completely destroying an item with a failed repair attempt, you inadvertently introduce a permanent Limitation to the item.
  36. Riding - Mounted Acrobat : Execute complex acrobatics on horseback without rolling for success.
  37. Running - Swift Retreat : Upon a successful run, you can swiftly and safely disengage from combat, allowing you to take cover or move out of attack range.
  38. Sailing - Sea’s Whisperer : Predict and navigate through dangerous marine conditions.
  39. Scholar - Renowned Expertise : Once per session, have your scholarly reputation open doors or grant favors.
  40. Scout - Hawk’s Eye : Instantly spot hidden traps or inconspicuous details in your vicinity.
  41. Shield Fighting - Fortress Stance : In addition to your action use your shield to protect an adjacent ally, granting them your shield’s Defense bonus for the rest of this round.
  42. Skinning - Efficient Harvester : Obtain pristine materials from a beast, increasing their value.


I love the effort and creativity. Personally, I feel it will make the game too granular and clunky for my taste. I would prefer to let them roleplay this out and reward accordingly.


Agreed, excellent application of the skills!!!

For me and my group, we are running the skills in a fluid state, meaning you can attempt anything, like all the feats you described, but success depends on your roll; e.g. Riding Acrobat - you can try as long as you have the skill, it’s just inherently less likely with a Riding (3) than it is with a Riding (15).

This is also under the assumption of a “yes bias”, to help stretch the player’s imaginations with making creative solutions and less stress on “do I have a button or lever that allows me to do this.”

But in your defense, having more technical detail can be really fun, making the play of conflict more challenging and feel like solving chess, which is one of my favorite things! It’s also a favorite of many, as it is arguably the single most prominent technique in design, a.k.a. The Tech Tree/Skill Tree.


Really cool idea, one I’ll have to look into more for my own game…


After a handful of sessions and gaining 20+ hero points. My players have started adding some of these feats to their characters. They really likes it when the “spot light” aligns with their feat and it also differentiates characters with the same base skill; both have Evade but one of them have added Vanish.

If you care about balance then please consider the wording of the feats you add. A player tool Eagle Eye : Once per scene, guarantee maximum damage on your next ranged attack. I had not anticipated that players down the line could get multiple damage dice on theirs attacks so the effect was much higher than I anticipated.