So I am working on a project and i thought about posting a small bit of it today. I’ve been working on a list of Battle Tactics that melee classes could use just like how casters get Spells. They would get 1 or 2 along with their starting loot and be able to select additional battle tactics as Everstronger milestones, just like Mages and Priests with Spells. I hope this helps anybody looking for more to do as a melee class. If you’ve got your own Tactic ideas id like to hear them!


NOTE: Just in case I thought I should clarify that these are Declared before you attack as part of your attack. So someone planning to preform DISTRACTION would say that right before they roll to attack.

EDIT: Thinking of changing IMPOSING STATURE cause it reads to much like a normal milestone. Maybe something like this might be better “IMPOSING STATURE: Declare before a STR or CHA roll. If successful, you have EASY rolls for intimidating and persuading a target that witnessed it.”

After some play I may come back with alterations to the list


looks pretty solid so far


I just use the Fighter tactic actions from D&D 4e for my group.

But I like what you have done so far too!

Game On!


You’ve done a great job on these. It’s easy to see that implementing this stuff could really spice up melee combat and has the potential for some cool extra milestones or abilities.


these look real fun — i want to give them a try.


These look fun! Cool stuff, dude. :metal::herocoin:


These look like a lot of fun! I like that it adds some flavor to combat and allows for some more engaging actions.


makes me want to make a dozen of my own to spice up the martial classes in my setting


I don’t know much a whole lot about dnd itself but imma look those up.


4e content is a gold mine for abilities and powers.


May also want to check out Steel and Fury from Goodman Games, if you haven’t already.