Evade Query and Crit options


Shall Evade be degraded by enemy ATK same as DEF? And can a player chose to roll Evade instead of DEF? Ie. the slippery dex build.

Crit fail on DEF, increases attrition type?
Crit success, add damage die to next attack or allows immediate counter attack?


DEF is the standard default defense that everyone has and will use on most cases.

Evade: Used to avoid attacks that armor cannot protect against.

This means that unless the incoming attack or source of damage could not be protected with armor and needs to be dodged, that is when the players with Evade would tell the GM that they have that skill and then be allowed to roll it. Otherwise, they cannot roll without that skill.

Evade is subject to Attrition as normal, so if they cross it off and then get hit with a Fireball and need to evade, now they cannot.

Crit Success and Crit fails would be based on GM ruling here, but some examples I can provide are:

Crit Success on an Evade skill:

  • gain +3 defense for 1 round
  • allow PC to reposition themselves on the map how they see fit

Crit Failure on an Evade:

  • You lose an extra piece of equipment
  • The environment becomes more dangerous
  • Active timers are sped up
  • You give your foe some sort of advantage that you did not intend