Enter The Weird West! Bi-Weekly 1830 UK Time


Enter the Weird West

A few years back a posse of criminals named the Bell Gang spread chaos in the Bloodstone region. Dearing robberies and roadside ambushes became common but after a hit on the Blaker’s town bank, the gang went quiet. Legends claim they found something of huge value and hid it to return later others say they died out in the Void Lands. Now you find yourself in possession of a map of Bloodstone with odd symbols drawn around it. After a long train ride to Morgan, your story begins…

The World. Bloodstone is a weird western province of the USA where strange monsters lurk in the shadows, and bleached bones walk the deserts. Will you find your fame and fortune or be lost in the chaos?

The Truths. The following points are information that everyone knows to be 100% true.

  • The Mutra, undead outlaws, are becoming more numerous and restless moving out of the void lands and closer to the River Den.
  • The days grow hotter and longer each month. At nightfall, people go missing and never return.
  • The Rangers and Black Mountain Tribes are at war once more.
  • Lucifer walks among us…

Legends and Gangs. The following is basic information about the gangs active within Bloodstone.

  • Rangers. Rangers are the trailblazers of the civilised world. They guide and protect the pioneer outposts.
  • Mountain Tribes. A collection of three major tribes from the area, each has its own spiritual connection to the land and its weirdness.
  • Dust Devils. A Gang of outlaws that hide in the deserts. They are often mistaken for drifters and bring doom to most towns they enter.
  • Clockwork Outlaws. A large gang of inverters and artificers using steam and clockwork creations to make or take money.
  • Serpent Ghosts. A secretive cult following the Mutra to uncover the secrets of death.
  • Big Iron Posse. A group of vigilantes and wanna-be lawmen. Equipped with military gear they get involved more than they should.
  • Horron and Bekket. A state-sponsored investigations unit that looks into crimes and events the local law can’t handle.

The Goal. In this adventure, the party sets out to uncover the legend of the Bell Gang and find out if the treasure is real! Make friends, foes and rivals along the way as you face off against deadly monsters, outlaws and cryptic entities! Explore Bloodstone your own way in a sandbox style of play with the Index Card RPG Rules.

Who are you? Are you a criminal outlaw or trustworthy cowpoke who seeks fame and/or wealth? The legends of Bloodstone have drawn you in. With the help of a strange map and a loyal posse, you’ll set out into the Void Lands.

  • Spend 6 points on stats.
  • Calculate defence and other derived skills.
  • Spend 4 points on effort rolls.
  • Start with 1 Heart (10hp).
  • Pick an archetype and its loot item.
  • Gain 4 Loots from the basic or Ghost Mountain loot table. (Or make your own gear)

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