Enemy Experiments



Made a couple of enemies inspired by a fun Poxnora faction. I definitely learned quickly to not care about the player’s Defense and Attack, but focus only on the stats for the enemies being fought. I really enjoy the 5 Phase system and how it provides a decision point for initiative instead of a lifeless die roll.


Nice work, making monsters is definitely a fun part of world building.


These are great, thank you for sharing.
A quick question on the stitchlings. in Tactic 6 (exploding pin cushion) they do Flesh Attrition to friend and foe. What would flesh attrition look like to an NPC?

I assume the intent is that they will damage other NPCs in this case, is the intent that it does 1HP (or maybe 1D3) of damage to other NPCs?


I reasoned that flesh attrition is a bit worse than basic, as it gets around clothing, armor, and items, so I made it gain advantage on the damage roll (roll 2d4, take highest).

So it’s probably not for everyone, but I made a quick reference for just such a translation. Essentially, anything small takes 1d4, anything medium takes 1d6, and anything large takes 1d8. In my head it was an easy rule of thumb and I don’t fiddle with reducing anything with armor. Here is my full table:

NPC Damage Size
Type 1 (Goblin) 2 (Human) 3 (Minotaur)
Basic Attrition: 1d4 1d6 1d8
Flesh Attrition: 1d4 Advantage 1d6 Advantage 1d8 Advantage
Equipment: lose weapon/item lose weapon/item lose weapon/item
Destroy: 1d4, lose weapon 1d6, lose weapon 1d8, lose weapon
Brutal: 2d4 2d6 2d8