Emerging TTRPG YouTube Creators



I’m curious if anyone knows of any ttrpg YouTubers who are under recognized, just starting.

And if so, what are their channels.

It is hard finding the emerging creators just by searching. so, I thought reaching out to the Shieldwall might be more effective.


I really like Map Crow! Fairly new to youtube, fun discussions and cool art. Some good drawing tutorials. Currently doing a "Building Better… (Insert Monster here) with some cool ideas.


Very cool! I’ll give him a look.


I will second that nomination! He inspired me to make my own sketch pad and to rethink how I make a dungeon.


There is also Questing Beast whom covers OSR. His mini series on DnD Zines is quite interesting. It’s amazing how much you can pack into a few pages.


Todd from hexedpress has a lot of interesting ideas as well as Daniel at bandit’s keep. They’re mostly about the older editions but they are both very interesting.


I also really like JP Coovert. Really fun cartoon artist that loves the DND makes great maps and zines.



Bandits keep has been really compelling.


I agree. Map Crow is generally pretty insightful, and he uses a unique signature illustration style that has a nice vibe.

Bandit’s Keep is also pretty cool. Focused mostly on BX D&D, Daniel puts a lot of thought into his advice, which, while it may run contrary to some of that presented in ICRPG, is usually worthy of consideration. There are always tidbits to hack and steal for your own table in his videos.


We’re still very early on but my friends and I have started doing game design streams and live plays on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LawsonLeong/videos

I echo some other folx above that I’ve really been enjoying Bandit’s Keep, Master The Dungeon, Hidden Nerdy Side, Bob’s World Builder, Halfling Hobbies, Map Crow, Worldbuilding Notes and Bastionland.

Also hi Matt, hope you’re doing well!


Hey! How’s it going bro?


The Nerd Doctor is all about ICRPG. Good videos for introducing folks to the system.

I bet the creator is on this forum somewhere haha.