Wondering how many hearts or what stats any of you have given Durathrax (from the Magic book) in any or all of her incarnations? I want to run an epic end game kind of one-shot for the kids with characters they have from D&D and don’t know how to “stat” her out…


Durathrax is campaign/game world ending encounter. Where to retire long lasting characters that the players know intimately and death is just a bothersome inconvenience. Think greater old one.
Unless making it way overpowered mecha combat I don’t see a point to stat her out. Think hellion times 10 with more immunity and more damage potential. Her attacks happen, no rolls other than attack selection, when you roll a 1 on a d12 everyone that does not amuse her dies.

A daughter of Durathrax seems more plausible.

Probably 5 hearts, 100 damage threshold to all damage type per attack. Immunity to each individual damage type. So first they need to make her vulnerable to something. And then you deal with the threshold. Then have 4 sets of 4 spells at max power ready to go any point. We are talking a bit larger than Godzilla, with more movement, ultra intelligent…

Not sure I’d go down that road, good luck.


Paxx, thanks for the reply…and I see where you’re coming from, Makes total sense and great suggestions. I’ll have to think on this…maybe just a greater dragon…hmmm…


Eversorem or add some x’s and z’s to make it sound more like a pharmaceutical. Just take the Black Drake, page 101 core second edition, create a D6 tactic matrix. Roll 3 d6 on a 1 it flies up for one round as it’s last action of the round.

Each round allow the players to move the difficulty level by 2. Starting at 16 in first round of combat. This lets them understand the mechanics. 10 is no better for them in most cases, as Zevexsorem will be casting some spell on a 6.

To up it’s capability

iron scales: is 4 damage threshold to each damage type, so if a weapon does 5 weapon damage and 7 ice damage, Everzorex takes 1+3=4 damage. If caster has a magic missile type attack 4 missiles hit each hit is reduced by 4.

Wrath and Rage: if it is not damaging its target after 2 rounds it will pounce on the target that had done the least damage to it the round it went into a fury. Hoping to get the caster of the illusion or invulnerability buff cast on its target. So to incorporate this you will need a grid noting damage each character did to it each round and look down the grid for when the 10 was reached.

In the end Xeveroxrez would be a more than capable foe for what I think you are looking for.

*Eversorem is latin for one who destroys or overthrows. Giving a great back story of it being the great destroyer of some great city, but in reality it escaped slavery and destroyed all those that had enslaved it. Makes is more 3 dimensional.
Remember the reality never needs to be known by anyone other than the GM. Or learned as the players are going the loot and find a giant collar with scratched runes and the seal of the destroyed cities slave pens.
If it freed the other slaves or not that is up to you, but it’s minions might just all be former slave loyalists. They are still evil, but they have a reason to be angry, and think the party are just mercenaries sent to destroy this slave uprising.


Perfect. Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to report back on how it all went down


Durathrax can be whatever you want her to be. It’s a ONE SHOT! Do you!


GMangus is totally right.
I’m only bringing what’s on my mind to the conversation, don’t ever take what I type as anything more than another idiot on the internet. I’m often wrong. What I posted was only my thinking if given the situation. My style of running a game for the odd people who are amused by me.

Make your style. Something to fit your group.

My bias is against putting stats on world event causing npc’s by their very presence until the players find out more about it, a way to weaken it. It throws off my suspension of disbelief.

I am interested in an after game report though.


Thank you and Magnus for your time and encouraging insight…I’ll def put my spin on it. Your “stats”/thoughts just gave me a place to start thinking about it. Thanks again !


Found a video with some notes on fighting Durathrax (totally different dragon from Duragosa it turns out…whoops!) But yeah, check it out: