Dungeon World moves as freeform tags/loot



Good day dear Shieldwall,

I wrote an FKR hack of Dungeon World a while ago. It’s called Bound for Glory, and it uses DW moves, but in a completely freeform manner.

So, if you’re playing a cleric, for instance, then you might get the following two moves:
lift the spirit of a dying person and serenity under magic attack.

Applied to ICRPG, it’s identical: Stat your character, pick a class and two or three moves from the move list of that class. Or, if you’re into classless gaming, just pick two or three moves from any list.

Do not interpret them. WHEN you are using a move, the ref determines what you can do, with your input.

lift the spirit of a dying person might mean you roll Magic Effort against one or two hearts. Success could mean you can hold a short conversation with the dying person. Or it might mean you can roll 1d6, and they get that many hit points back. Once it has been decided what the move does, the player writes it down.

This way, the moves are not front-loaded, and they get defined when they are used for the first time.

(If you like loot instead of feats, the lift the spirit of a dying person move might become a Holy Image of Saint XYZ.)


I like it. FKR stuff really appeals to me. Once you do it a couple of times and realise how dope your session was without all the mumbo jumbo you think, hmmmm do i really need the extra stuff? Nope.


One of my players recently picked up Zeke’s Magnificent Entitizer, (grant any creature the power to phase for 1d8 days).

We were immediately struck by the fact that the description doesn’t actually tell you what you can do. How you use it, what the mechanics of phasing are, anything really. Thing is, in a pinch, when he decided to use it we’ve been figuring out the answers to those questions in game and it’s been super cool.

All that to say, I like this idea. Not sure if I’m an experienced enough GM to really run with it yet, but this is definitely the goal.