Dungeon Hallways



In addition to my Cavern Cards, I have also been playing around with Dungeon Hallways as well. I was wondering if everyone thought there was a need for these in ICRPG?

I’m trying not the move into offering realistic mapping assets but to keep them still on track with the whole idea of cards for print or online game assets but I wanted to hear from our community. Let me know what you think?

  1. Are these too realistic?
  2. Should they be simpler and more pen and ink style?
  3. Would you be using these assets alongside ICRPG cards?
  4. Do you think the style is too much of a departure from the hand-drawn style of the original ICRPG Cards?

Thanks for your help!


I think you have a good idea going here!

  1. No, I would not say they look too realistic. I think they are straightforward and easy to understand without overstated details.

  2. I would say go with your gut here. To my eyes they are pretty simple and are on the side of pen and ink anyway. How are these drawn? Are you using Photoshop?

  3. I would use these as a deck of cards or rollable table in Roll20 to generate random dungeon map sections. If I ever do play in person again I would print them in standard card format and again use them as a random dungeon map generator.

  4. I would say don’t worry about that, do your thing here and it will be awesome!

Side note: If you are generating these digitally be sure to use a canvas that is large enough so they won’t look pixelated when the images are put onto the cards.

Side note 2: If you are using photoshop you can get free crosshatching brushes from Adobe that look sweet for stone wall shading! This may save you some time illustrating them.


This is great feedback. Thank you so much!

I am doing these in Procreate and bringing them over and laying them out in Adobe Indesign.

The resolution comment is a good one since I am doing these as 481 × 700 so I might want to up them.

Does anyone happen to know, offhand, what the size of playing cards are?


Standard poker cards in the US are 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Great looking stuff, man. :metal:


481 x 700 may be a little small, where I don’t know the exact ideal size if it were me I would run that at least 1000 px wide.


I would love to see these printing out on a sheet of paper that is I suppose… 4 index cards? Scaled to size for figurines.