Drinking and Hangover Mechanics (Add Some Please)



I’m prepping an adventure where the group of adventurers has awoken with a massive hangover and are trying to piece together the events of the night.

You might have heard this one before, no? So I’m adapting The Hangover a Rat Queens one-shot adventure.

These are my thoughts so far. Getting these to 20 would be awesome. Ideas anyone?

Drinking Mechanic

  • The night of debauchery starts with a TARGET of 10
  • Each round of drinks increases the TARGET by +1.
  • When all players have failed a CON save they black-out and awaken with a nasty hangover.
  • On a failed action, roll on the Drunk Table and role-play it.

Drunk Table
Role-play failed actions by using this table for inspiration:

  1. Slurring words.
  2. Stumbling.
  3. Get too friendly with a stranger.
  4. Tell the absolute truth in the worst way.
  5. Hiccup
  6. Misinterpret someone’s actions
  7. Uncoordinated
  8. Not seeing well
  9. Slow reaction
  10. Forget what was going on
  11. Overconfident about doing something

Hangover Mechanic

  • All actions are hard.
  • On a failed action roll on the Hangover Table and role-play it.

Hangover Table
When actions fail with a hangover roll this table and act out the failure.

  1. Splitting headache
  2. Bile in throat
  3. Sensitive to light
  4. Dizziness
  5. Nausea
  6. Shaky hands
  7. Unbalanced
  8. Dry Mouth
  9. Sluggishness
  10. Unable to concentrate
  11. Mood change
  12. Sensitive to Noise


This reminds me of some Carousing mechanics I’ve used in the past for my ICRPG and White Hack games from Jeff Rients blog (Here’s the link: https://jrients.blogspot.com/2011/09/carousing-in-wessex.html#more)

Essentially, the players spend coin after an adventure to carouse and celebrate A La Conan. When they do, they can gain benefits and bonus experience or connections via the party! However, they have to make a Save vs Poison (from drinking too much). And then if they fail, hilarity ensues…

I’ve had noble players wake up with pigs and tattoos. I’ve had tough warriors be turned into pigs by a witch they were trying to seduce gone wrong, and the other players had to spend the rest of their coin getting them restored by a High Priest spell.

I’ve also had a player become really good friends with a local lord’s son, who was able to introduce them to some more lucrative work!

When they succeed, they also gain experience (perhaps a new piece of loot in ICRPG or a new player tag), or they gain some very important information they can use in their next adventure (Rumors and tales that are pointing to the right direction).

Because they spend their money, they are more incentivized to adventure as well!


Loved the idea! Some entries to the Drunk table:

  • Bet over a loot you own that you can do a feat (random pick the loot, ATTEMPT is HARD, EFFORT is SMALL if you are using this rules)
  • Bet a loot from the group that you can do a feat (random pick the loot, ATTEMPT is HARD, EFFORT is SMALL if you are using this rules)
  • Smear a big shot reputation (city mayor, crime boss, guild master, powerful wizard, chief guard, noble…)
  • Go get a stupid magic tattoo: random spell, 1 time activation, gone after triggering, roll 50/50 for usefulness (odds trigger on the next Nat 20, helpful. Even triggers on the next Nat 1, messy)


:joy::rofl::rofl: OMG. That’s another level of hilarity!

I’m going to take this direction tonight.


Drunk table additions:

  • blubbering nonsensically
  • sobbing uncontrollably about regrets
  • incessant bragging
  • picking fights
  • obnoxious laughter at inappropriate things

Hangover table additions:

  • uncontrolled vomiting/dry heaves
  • hallucinations
  • fear of death


We just need 3 more on the drunk table…

  • random yells of triumph
  • introducing yourself to everyone in the room repeatedly
  • give an unsolicited performance
    OK, there’s 20


With Gustavos 4 I guess we have over 20


Or… wishing for death :rofl:


I would change fear of death for Paranoia.

“They are here! Fast, we need to hide!”