Dragon Armor Custom Character Type




(Image is of an armor set from the Monster Hunter games)

Similar to the Excalibur weapon type, I made a character Type based on “What if you slayed a dragon and made armor out of it, but the dragons spirit remained?” This Item Type would essentially be a multiclass for a character and the stronger they make it the higher the chances of them getting corrupted by the dragon becomes. Its kinda set up for a long term campaign but as always with icrpg, Gms can alter that dragon resurrection/ corruption idea in any way they’d like. I made this awhile back but cleaned it up recently and thought I’d post it. As always let me know your thoughts, Ideas, and stories hooks with it.

How to handle changing forms? Sailor Moon, Power Rangers

Oh-ho! Yeah, I really like that! It’s a cool idea!


Looks awesome thanks for releasing another awesome type


This is really cool. I’ll have to give it some thought, but I might be able to use this in my campaign.