Draconic character type



Illustration by vike-kun


Humanoid Dragon >> projectile fire breath weapon (far; CON attempt for WPN effort), hover flight, and autotomical tail

RESTRAINT (choose 1)

  • COLD-BLOODED: anytime your character evolves in cold climate or weather, all of your checks are HARD by default.
  • MISSING FEATURE: for a genetic or historic reason, you do not have breath weapon or hover flight.
  • ANCESTRAL STATUS: your specie once ruled the world, social checks directed at anyone who does not remember that truth must be an INTIMIDATION check.


  • TERRIFYING ROAR: let out a mighty roar with a CON check. Until next turn ALL enemies substract the timer’s total from their checks.
  • SHIELDS TIGHTLY SEALED TOGETHER: your defense becomes 13 by default.
  • SPEAK WITH REPTILES: you can speak with all scaled species on God’s green Earth.

STARTING LOOT (choose 1)

  • PECTORAL PLATE: historical and mythological etchings of your family’s rule, gain 2 INT spells.
  • BELT OF STRENGTH: add +4 to your STR.
  • ANCIENT HAND DEVICE: DEX check to pull into your hand any object that your hand could manipulate.

MILESTONE ABILITIES (choose 1 when awarded by GM)

  • EVEN STRONGER: add 1 to any stat or add 1 groveler at your beck and call.
  • RISE ABOVE: remove the restraint from your character.
  • HEART OF ICE: you now have a cold breath weapon that hits in a NEAR cone with a CON attempt to deal MGC effort damage.
  • STURDY CLAWS: STR check to cut through any known material!
  • FURNACE OF DETERMINATION: gain a HEART, and your projectile fire breath weapon now deals ULT effort damage.
  • SWARM OF REPTILES: summon in a SMALL area up to FAR, enemies in that area must make a check against poisoning. On a success, the enemies are entangled anyway.

Inspired by the distances Close, Near, and Far, Small, Large, and Vast are simplified area measurements.


  • WINGED SUN: a flying bronze orb which allow you to scry areas touched by sunlight with an INT check.
  • ORGANIZER G-1: when you activate this by spending a HERO COIN or by using the recovery action successfully, you regain CON + 1d4.
  • LIVING BREATH: exhaust your fire breath for the duration of the timer, during that time you have a SMALL swarm of servile and excitable FIRE IMPS to serve you. The swarm can grow by passing through flames.

FIRE IMPS >> +2 to ALL checks, flame whip attempt for MGC effort damage.

Rexkin character type for ICRPG

Hey @BlazingPolyhedron, if using found art from the internet for projects like this, please give a credit to the artist.


With pleasure! Is that a new rule on the forums? Because I have been using pictures from the internet for my forum posts for a while now and this is the first time that somebody has mentionned this rule to me?

As for publication, I do not intend to publish this project beyond the forums.

There is an issue however, as I have found the picture on pinterest and multiple people have posted it without giving credits… what should I do?

Edit: it’s done. I am still curious though.


It’s not a hard and fast rule, but Hank and I both agree that artists work extremely hard, and when using art for a project, one should always give credit. That piece of art probably took someone hours, so I never think it’s right to just grab and go without due credit. But, context matters a bit too. If simply making a post, it’s not the end of the world to use an uncredited piece of art for attention or to illustrate a point. But, if posting, as here, something that looks like a game supplement (here, a character class) it’s probably worth giving credit where credit is due. That’s because someone coming along (especially in this super creative community) might assume this is all your work, picture and all. And the pic is not.


Appreciate your taking care of that!!!


Will you have this info on a doc or pdf?


I could do that, yeah! However, I hope to get art for it done as well as inform myself on the publishing guidelines for ICRPG!


Publishing regs are here, midway down the page.


Thank you very much! Here’s the final product: