Does Paragon of Faith start at zero?



Let’s say I created a character with Paragon of Faith but did not purchase the Faith skill, does Faith start at zero?

The other thing i noticed is that in pg.21, the template cleric doesn’t have Faith skill. Does that mean he loses faith at a different rate compared to those who do have the Faith skill? As a ‘paragon’ it would make sense that he isn’t so easily shaken in his faith compared to ‘just a believer’.


In the Divine Magic (Page 84 in Vol 1 PDF) section, it talks about using FAITH to cast your spells and it would replace MAGIC skill. It discusses on how to gain FAITH by default. Paragon of Faith just improves on that gain of Faith whenever it is used successfully.

In the situation where you would not have any starting FAITH, Paragon of Faith only then offers the secondary ability of destroying weak undead. Your GM may rule that if you had 0 points in FAITH you could try and roll a Critical Hit (nat 1). Upon success, your variable faith goes up to 3 (1 for the natural crit, up to 3 for Paragon).


Thank you for helping.
I suppose my question was really, Paragon of Faith costs 15 pts, and adding faith 8 pts means a total of 23. This is much more costly compared to just Magic, even after adding 2 or 3 spells.
Seems a bit of a penalty for choosing the former.


You don’t have to take Paragon of Faith, but it also comes with that exhausting spell of destroying weaker undead, which is very nice.

By becoming a Faith caster, you still benefit from the variability of the skill, though at a slower rate and caps out at 14.