Hi fellow gamers

So i just stumbled across a really great mini site , that has just about all you need for ICRPG, or to supplement your already printed icrpg or whatever minis you use :slight_smile:

If you are playing ghost mountain :

If you are playing warpshell//shadowrun/cyperpunk :

(hank pleas make a shadow run sourcebook :wink: )

if you are playing in alfheim or any fantasy setting:

(there are so many fantasy sets so i just picked the biggest for the link)

if you are playing a cathullu like game :

if you are playing a bearcats like game:

if you are playing a vigilante like game:

hope some of you found this useful, i know i wont be buying more plastic minis next time ( dm starte box im looking at you )

Btw they have digital version for some of it to, for all you interweb badasses :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best mark


This is a great way to build up a lasting miniature collection quick!

I bought up all of the Printable heroes sets and the dungeon dressing set.


I bought the Deadlands bundle some time ago for use with Ghost Mountain. My feelings were mixed. Some of the minis looked amazing, and some of them were just so-so, imho. I also found the same to be true of the quality. I probably wouldn’t go this route again, but they are for sure a quick way to get a ton of minis on the table for very little money. And I am super glad you posted the links — it’s worth having this resource available for folks.


Why were they so-so in your opinion? :smiley:


I Kickstarted their second (?) bundle - the pieces with their commissioned artwork (as opposed to the Deadlands/Last Parsec original assets above) tended to be of a better quality, and give you two sided figures for facing. I keep a set in coin sleeves in a trapper keeper - it’s super portable…


whats is the difference between the printebles and normal ones?


they have an sweet co op with nerdarchy on kickstarter that looks sweet too


Printable heroes is the name of a creator. I just like his art style.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i see, thx:)

and youre right they look dope


Trash mob minis are pretty dope too!

Check out Trash Mob Minis (@TrashMobMinis): https://twitter.com/TrashMobMinis?s=09

I’ve used these guys too…


woooa… great style… thx man… im diving in…


oh wait, these are paper minis… daym… i dont have a printer… sadnes occours!!! :frowning: