Destiny ICRPG Reference (D&D 5e)



Reference for anyone interested in Bungie’s Destiny game and ICRPG.

I noticed someone a few years back was asking questions about Destiny 1 and ICRPG but I didn’t see any actual resources. The post was quite old and as per usual I thought I’d revive it a bit.

//edit: see @Ezzerharden 's resource below//

I started to make an ICRPG hack and started looking up resources and found this gem by Velvet Fang:

Hundreds of pages of Content and all Free!

Even if you’re unfamiliar with Destiny lore, the 3 PDFs (Player’s Guidebook, Architect’s Guide, and Bestiary of the Wilds) found in their Public Release Folder is great for any Sci-Fi/Warp Shell setting. I’m pretty excited I found this. As with any 5e release, translating it to ICRPG isn’t all that difficult. I will still be working on my own humble supplement (if i ever finish any) but thought I’d share the resource.


I also had some ideas for Destiny ICRPG… here is a link to my world primer. Maybe it will help…

Ezzerharden DESTINY World Primer

Game On!


This is great! Had no idea this resources existed. I’m guessing I need to learn how to maximize how I use the search here (still a little new).

I tend to play on the rules-light spectrum of things and don’t often have rules for ammo tracking unless it’s a special/heavy weapon. I do like your answer to Grenade and Melee abilities though (spending Light) and 5 Light = a Super. As much as I try to minimize excess tracking I think that rule makes a lot of sense. Seems similar to the SP rules from Vigilante City.

Thanks for the link! It will absolutely be used as a great resource. Lots of great stuff in there.


Thanks. I try to create or repurpose rules from other world primers to make each of my worlds unique in a mechanical way. Destiny has a bit of “special cases” when it comes to replicating the games design.

I have lots of other worlds. Hit me up on a DM if you want a peek into them… Game On!


Wow! This the only video game that I have time to play nowadays! I always wanted to play it as a TTRPG with my players! Good work! Per Audacia Ad Astra