Desert Monster : Gila Monster



Gila Monster :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: +4 STR, +4 Weapon Effort

WIS Rolls using smell are Easy.

Venomous Bite

Weapon Effort

Target makes a CON Roll or loses one hit point a turn until magically healed or takes an anti-toxin.

Tail Whip

Weapon Effort

Target makes STR Roll. On a failed roll, the Target is thrown Far.

These giant lizards never settle in one place for long. Constantly on the move, they burrow a new hole to rest in and leave as it has eaten and rested. They hunt during the day and rest underground at night. Superstition says that when it takes up dwelling in an area it poisons nearby water sources and brings disease. For this reason, and for their valuable venom sac, they are hunted

Item - Venom Sac
This gland can be removed from the Gila Monster. In the right hands, the venom of the Gila Monster can be used as a poison, or panacea, or addictive pain reliever. Each sac holds 1d4 uses.


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!! I lived in Arizona my whole life and these guys are nasty. Saw one once try to bite the tires of a passing truck.


Haha. They are surly little critters. I have family in AZ, but I grew up in Texas.