Delving into the Relics of Odium


Once again a stalwart group of heroes will delve into the realm of Odium searching for the relics and gems that are hidden there. Amazing treasures and fame awaits them, but the spectre of death is always hiding there as well.

Do you have the mettle to search for the Relics of Odium? If so, please join me for a night of fun and madness. The game will be played on Roll20 using Discord for audio. No experience with ICRPG is necessary and all are welcome to join.


I think this is the one I’m in!


Nope, I am running another one on Saturday that you are playing in. This one is the night before. Yes, I am crazy and running two games within 12 hours. I didn’t post the Saturday one because it was already filled.


Shoot I missed this one! I’m new to ICRPG so this would have been perfect


Any plans on running this again??


It was a blast! So glad I could be there


Yes, definitely. Not sure when though.