Deck of 52 vs The Ghost Deck


I got a call this week to do a market research study for a nice little bit of cash, and I am going to treat myself to a few things. I was going to go ahead and finally get a copy of ICRPG 2e but really, I might as well just wait for 3e. I will be taking a much needed DM break soon anyway when I finish up my current 5e game with my buds.

So I was thinking a fun alternative would be the Deck of 52 or The Ghost Deck. Just looking for opinions though; which do you prefer? I am leaning towards Deck of 52 but The Ghost Deck looks pretty cool from the limited preview on Drivethru.


Personally, I’d wait a couple more days for the Think Deck that he just submitted to DriveThru. But, if you want playing cards, then I too like the Ghost Deck look.


I was not aware of the new deck! I will keep an eye out for that, was going to wait till later.

I really like the look of the ghost deck from what I can see, but the Deck of 52 looks more useful as an RPG prop and deck of cards.


Yep, sounds like it’s a good inspiration deck, I don’t think it is setup for poker type cards, but I could be wrong.


my ghost deck is so worn in it’s like an old friend. I am really, really proud of that deck just for a standard poker deck. As for THINK DECK, it will be releasing sooon… it is NOT a poker deck, but an idea - making tool for gm’s. The deck of 52 is somewhere between, with themes and art, but poker pips…


I really like the Deck of 5e from what I can see in the preview. I will wait to have a look at the new deck as well though.

I don’t play poker or a lot of card games so really I am looking for a DM tool/inspiration prop. But it’s nice to have a good deck of cards as well!


Thanks for clarifying Hank! I’m excited for the THINK DECK. Anything that instills inspiration is good in my books lol.