Dark Dealings a Ghost Mountain Mechanic Idea


Hey you lumpy heads.

Was talking to a buddy about a future ghost mountain mechanic and thought I’d share with you all.

The session starts with 4 random cards drawn from a standard poker deck and revealed to the players face up.

Once per turn, a player could use the value of one of the revealed cards to add it to their roll.


if they do, then that exact card is given to the GM to use at their leisure for enemy rolls.

Once the GM uses the card it is then shuffled back into the deck and a new card is drawn again face up.

It’s like the dark is always trying to tempt you.



Sounds cool! It’s similar to the light/dark side force mechanic in the FFG Star Wars RPG (when a light side force is used to supliment the hero’s dice roll it then turns “dark side” for the GM to use and vice versa). Only what you’re describing is very thematic for Ghost Mountain!


Similar to my proposed Faustian Bargain mechanic, therefore there is nothing for me to do other than approve yours. :grin:
Like Wildstar said, a proper take for Ghost Mountain. :+1:


An interesting system, but I have a few questions

  1. What values do you place on face cards (jacks, queens, kings, jokers)? It would be interesting if each session had a dealer, and they would decide what the sessions rules are (Similar to poker).
  2. Can cards be used on D20 checks and effort rolls?
  3. Have you considered the option of loot that can effect this mechanic? Perhaps a lucky poker deck that adds 1 to any cards you use, or a spell to deal a new set of cards?


I like these variations you propose @Mr_Blue !


Sounds like a winner, and something I will have to add to my Ghost Mountain games… loving it! :herocoin:


I wonder if this should just be a Gamble milestone, but the Gambler is already so cool that the other players might get jealous :sweat_smile:


In general, a mechanic with this level of effect should be available to all players. Perhaps one class can have milestone rewards focused around it though. In such milestones could form a whole new class in the game. It could provide great table moments as players plead with each other to use their abilities (like a consumable that reduces GM card effects).


Hey all, busy weekend (Did my star wars one shot woot woot)

The idea was spawned once my friend told me about the force mechanic with the dark and light side. I thought it was awesome and got excited and had to share on the forums. Seems like most of you were already similar with the mechanic which is AWESOME. I’d personally probably use it for checks/attempts rolls and not effort rolls for the face cards would become super deadly in the hands in an enemy who could one shot kill players for 1 heart. But thats a GM’s choice as always.

on a side note, in my campaign I have a time mage player who id definitely gonna get the ability to slow/speed up time using the mechanic from star wars.(She already manipulates timer rolls) She will have 3 time tokens that she can use on anyone’s turn to make their action hard or easy but each time she uses the time token it is given to me the GM to use in the same way so the time space continuum to balance out her manipulating it and thus returning the time token back to her to use again.

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