D4 Timers for roll20


I was asked about my D4 timers in another thread by @Kevlar004 and wanted to make them available for anyone who needs a set. I think there are some from the google + days on here somewhere too but I was out of time to go digging.

I drew these up quick the other night in photoshop. Uploaded them into roll20 on the GM layer. Then when I needed a timer, I would roll a D4 and move that image to the map layer. The first thing I did on my turn each round was to swap layers on my timers. It was a bit tricky to keep track because I saw all of them while the players only saw the one I had displayed.

There were a few times I had to say “What timer is showing?” So I could then manage them for the change. Not sure if I will use them that way again or not.


I was looking for a timer token solution for Roll20 recently. @JDStirling gave me this best bet:

“ after you roll dice on Roll20 it gives you the outcome in the Chat. Take the mouse to the chat window and drag the dice right out. Instant timer token. Once it’s out you can Right Click to open a submenu and change the number.“

I’ve since used this tip in a game and it worked great for keeping the timers both visible and adjustable.

That said, I love the cool look of yours here!


GYeah I actually saw that after the fact and debated using it. After doing my method that may be what I switch to though. I like the look of mine on the game space a bit fiddly to use.


Someone once shared a Roll20 macro - either here or on the Immortal Discord - that allowed one to use the “drag the dice roll into the screen” trick but it used a graphic of your choice. I think it also ticked down when you clicked it. Or, something to that effect.


You can even do a side-flippable Token using different Timer pictures in Roll20!
I did that for the og Target-resource pics


Really? Please teach if it’s not too much trouble. Because that sounds like the best of both worlds . . . adjustable on screen timers using ICRPG theme.


Wildstar, Here’s a link from the Roll20 wiki.Scroll down to Rollable Tables.



Thanks! I’ll check it out.


You the man! Thank you


Seconded for Rollable Tables Tokens. They’ll work great for the room target and threat die. I’ve used them for monsters too - you can put all the enemies for one page on a table then just keep copying them out. Also if you get crazy you can show progressive damage (chunk loss) on your big bads.


I made a “sliding” timer tracker for Roll20, shared it a while back on the old Google Group:


Separate pics below if you want to use it, just right-click save as png to preserve the transparency. Basically you just grab one of the circles, place it over one of the skulls. The number of eyes in the skulls represents the timer from 4 down to zero. As a timer ticks down, just slide the circle image one skull to the left. I always found it fun to use. No need to mess about with layer switching in Roll20 (Roll20 interface is kinda horrible).



I borrowed the timers from these tweets

Sci-Fi Counter/Clocks

Fantasy Counters/Clocks


Quick and easy tutorial!