Cyber-punk / modern werehouse assets


In preparation for the game I started to draw elements of the warehouse map. The project gives me a lot of pleasure and I’m thinking about creating a full package with three ready-made maps and putting them here. I’m providing a picture of what I already have. If you have any ideas for additional elements, let me know - I’ll draw them and join to the package :slight_smile:


Those look great @Krzysiek_Jeczala! :herocoin:

Off the top of my head, I would say things like Shipping Containers, various trucks, crates, metal catwalks, long thick wiring and couplings, hydraulic arms, poker/various tables, an office space, a safe, acetylene tanks…


Conveyor belts, assembly lines (overhead and on the ground), large 3D printers, vats, toxic storage tanks! What you have is great.


I’ll start playing the third campaign session on Saturday.
Assets I’ve made so far are available under the link:

Look over there from time to time. I haven’t thrown everything in yet, and the campaign is scheduled for 13 sessions so there will definitely be extra pieces there.


Thanks for sharing your work.


Cool those look awesome.
Thanks for sharing your assets man.

Curious have you done art for any other modern areas?
Office, Home, Street, and so on.


I’m creating elements that I miss during the ongoing Altered State campaign. For sure there will be next ones, but I don’t know what I will need, because the paths of my players are sometimes unexplored :slight_smile:
You will find many graphical elements when buying the AS.
I can also recommend you the work of one of our colleagues - @Chaologic . They can be found at


Nice thanks for posting the link.


UPDATE: I added skyscrapers, cargo containers and coma capsules assets to the dropbox folder.


2 Minute Tabletop also has a good set of CyberPunk and Modern assets for Dungeondraft, PDF print, and just PNG/JPG’s.