Custom Spells - Dice Upgrade + Powerful



So, you can only apply an effect to a custom spell three times max. Say I start with the Basic Spell Fire Blast (d6) and apply Dice Upgrade thrice (d8 => d10 => d12). If I then apply Powerful to the same spell, one of the options is to upgrade the dice. Is this the “same effect” even though it’s technically a different effect? Is d12 the limit, and if not, where do you go from there? Break out the DCC dice for d14? Or skip right to d20?

(This is only a hypothetical, because in practice the best option would be to use Powerful to add another die of damage instead, giving you 2d12.}


Great question. There is no definitive answer after d12. At that point, I’d turn it into [1d12 + 1D4] and if the upgrades continue, then upgrade the second die (d6 > d8 > d10…). As the GM, you wouldn’t allow that, would you? At least, not without proper tutelage or without some mad wizard wondering why their spells have suddenly become less effective…


Would I allow it as GM? Probably not. But as I mentioned, continuing to increase the dice isn’t really the best option, anyway. Once you get to 12 via Dice Upgrade, you can then add up to 3 more d12s via Accuracy, then another 3 d12s via Powerful Spell, for a total of 7d12 damage :astonished:

I’d definitely point that out to a player.


That is awesome, but VERY expensive! Reminds me of the anime Slayers and Lena dumping all of her magic stat to Fireball and Dragonslave!