Custom spell questions


First I would like to say that the custom spell framework is amazingly creative and inspiring.

I have just created a trained GPT that craft custom spells together with you through dialogue. But I have some questions so I can teach it the finer details of some effects.

  1. Area: When applying this you modify a single-target spell to affect an arm’s-width radius.
    How would you rule the effect when applying this upgrade a 2nd or 3rd time?
  2. Create: This effect seems it can act as extra cast of any of your other spells.
    Will the object disappear in 1d6 phases unless Duration is applied?
  3. Duration: Upgrade from 1D6 phases default to 1 full round duration.
    How would you rule the effect when applying this upgrade a 2nd or 3rd time?
  4. Dispel: To cancel a spell, roll this output. Surpass the point value of the
    target spell to cancel it. Sacrifice your next phase to dispel immediately.
    How long will it take to dispel if you do not sacrifice your next phase?
  5. Dominate: Target rolls a D20. Surpass that roll with effect to dominate
    What is the effect of dominate?
  6. Accuracy: Boost an upcoming damage roll.
    Does boost mean adding the spell effect (default d6) to the damage roll?
  7. Banish: Cast out a summoned creature or construct.
    Is this automatic for any creature of this type? How would you rule a target number for powerful enemies?
  8. Poison: Conjure arcane goo or oil that inflicts poison on living things.
    Poison against characters is recurring skill attrition over d4 rounds. How would this translate to monsters?
  9. Levitate: Hover or move a few feet above the ground. This is both a basic spell and an effect.
    What is the movement speed? How would you rule the effect when applying this upgrade a 2nd or 3rd time?


What about Animate? Is it a possible effect and how would it work?


I think Animate on its own is a weak cantrip. Animating objects like toys in Toy Story for a short while. But casting animate on a fist full of caltrops or a bunch of torches might be fun.

Adding Blast might enable random objects to deal damage. Range would also be helpful.


Range does not seem to fit with the rest of the keywords, no? Like, Levitate can be independant while other words need to be combined with others. Should we split them into these categories?


Anyone? Bueller? :wink:
I’d like to know what yall think this means. I don’t think it is adding another die to the damage because that is taken by the spell effect powerful. I have a player that added Accuracy to Ghost Daggers and for the time being I’m adjudicating that the spell is more accurate as to pass through defense, thus ignores 2 def.


I have been using Accuracy as maxing the damage on the dice rolled on the targets next damage roll.

So if the next attack was with a weapon or spell that does 2d6 it will do 12 damage, if it is on an attack that does d4 damage it does 4.

But keep in mind there really isn’t a wrong answer here, for what anyone wants to do. It really just comes down to what people want to do at their table so ask the GM how they use it.