Crown & Skull Pre-Sale is Live!


Hey! It’s been a crazy morning, but if you haven’t heard the Crown and Skull Pre-Sale is open! If you want to check it out, visit the Runehammer site here:


Hey there, I’ve tried a couple of time to process an order, but it didn’t go through. Did others have any trouble?


Same. Hopefully a temporary issue!


I tried again and paying credit card through Paypal worked. It’s just the other credit card payment method that seemed to glitch.


Hi there,
does anyone have a price for international shipping to Germany? The given prices seem neither correct nor is the site responsive to living in Germany. I think 5 bucks for sending would be awesome, but I doubt anybody will do this in time.


to the UK it was a little less than $30


Hi! When does the pre-order guys campaign end?
Can’t wait to see the marketing campaign on Youtube :smile: