Crown & Skull character sheet mashup


I mashed together the Oaken frame and VanO half sheet character sheets with the right side of the basic character sheet.
Gave them a cover and back image too, if you want to print the sheets with them (optional)
I recommend printing on card stock paper if you’re going to do the front and back covers


NEW NEW (v1.3) DOWNLOAD LINK is posted!


This looks great! What’s the file format? I downloaded it on my phone, but the image doesn’t display.


Yeah I goofed and forgot to export the images from Affinity Photo. My bad. Will post proper link when I get home. My bad y’all.


OK i posted a link for jpeg files this time lol


Yeah, these look great! Much appreciated!


hey everyone, i did a last minute edit to these sheets, and gave them a different cover. If youd like the newer version, please download from the new/updated link posted - newest file is v1.3

Thanks again yall


I grabbed these and modified one to print the right hand side on both sides to have an extra page of “journal entry”, extra space for player notes etc. They turned out great!


awesome thank you for taking time to post !


This is most excellent.


Super cool! Thank you for sharing.