Critical roll on defense


Sorry if I couldn’t find it
What is the intended effect of rolling “ 1” or a critical effect when a PC rolls defense from enemy attack?

Thank you in advance again sorry if this was listed elsewhere and I couldn’t find it.


To me, it’s the best outcome for the player, or the worst outcome for the enemy.

I’ve typically improvised what that was. With fourth graders I’ll do something like “When the zombie lunged at you, it tripped and is now prone, on the ground, defenseless.” (Some kids need you to spell it out for them. They don’t always remember the rules so I help them out. )

For older kids it might be similar, or I ask them “What’s the worse thing that could happen to zombie when you defended their attack?”



Like Mr_May, I too improvise on a critical success (or failure for that matter).

Things I might do include:

  • Ask the player to describe what happens and award a Hero Coin for the RP
  • Allow a free and immediate counter-attack by the player
  • Allow the player a free re-position, or force a move on the monster
  • The player spots a piece of treasure during the amazing manoeuvre

Just some ideas



Thank you both for great ideas

So, the way I read it, there is no critical hits combat for the player (when attacking), so this critical defense role allowing an extra attack, makes a lot of sense.

For a while, I was wondering that “critical hits” or a “1” would only really matter in skill rolls