Cowboy Bebop Adventure


Hi! I´m new to the forum and i am enjoying a lot!! Thanks for the great community you created. Hope i can give a back some to the great ideas i been reading from all of you.

Now to the topic… My group want to play a chronicle based in the Cowboy Bebop universe. I am planning to mix Warp Shell and Ghost Mountain in some way that is not clear for me yet.

Someone did something similar of mixing settings? Do you have any suggestions?

Am i going to broke anything if i give to the players the option of creating the characters using one of boths and then mixing?

Thanks in advance for any recommendation or suggestion.

See you Space Cowboy!


Some of the rules from Warp Shell and Ghost Mountain may require some thought, but it won’t be a problem.

The most essential thing is the TONE of your game. Cowboy Bebop is the story AFTER all the cool stuff already happened to the PCs. The PCs are trying to figure their way out after the fact and it gives this strange weight of history and melancholy.

For ship combat, use CHUNKS. For Guns, you have to choose if it’s going to be a DEADLY shootout or more of an Action Piece: This will determine if you will use Ghost Mountain’s gun rules of 15+ and the character must save or drop to 0. Chase scenes are always cool to run as they happen A LOT in the show.