Hey folks,

yesterday, my buddy and I played a game of WAR | MAKER in attempt to play together in a coop-way. Hence we DIY’d three D6s that will help to determine the “AI action”.

Things worked pretty well, but we decided to alter the dice and go with only 2D6. Here’s version 2 (not playtested, but was the direct result of the initial playtest). Let’s start with some examples - after that, you’ll find more about the dice. Right now, we’re using wooden cubes with hand drawn pictograms. The dice foldings below contain icons [1] that we plan to use later on.

Example 1:

Green rolls HERO and FLANK. Hence the SNIPER TEAM will probably leave the APC and attack the red regulars from the south.

Example 2:

Red rolls REGULAR and HOLD. Probably the force in the tall grass will attack the bottom right green hero by shooting out of the grass.

The Force-Die

Used to pick whether REGULAR, HERO or ELITE will be used. If such a force cannot be picked (either defeated or has already taken a turn this round), roll again or just pick.

The Strategy-Die

Used to pick the strategy, whether ADVANCE, FLANK, RETREAT or HOLD. Dashing or attacking may be included, based on the circumstances. The rest is up for discussion to the players

How things turned out:

  • We split the green forces between us two players.
  • Player 1 started, player 2 was doing AI turns in between.
  • After player 1’s forces took their turns, we switched, alternating between player 2’s turns and AI turns played out by player 1.
  • The victory was a close call, could have been turned out way different!
  • Hence DEATHMATCH turned out well. We’ll probably dive into more elaborated mission types next time.


[1] Icons from


This is super inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


That force dice is similar to star wars legion randomised unit. It works great. Thanks for sharing this, brilliant stuff.


I can 3D print these due for you if your interested


thanks but we’re playing WarMaker too irregular for this effort to be made.


I would like the STL to print these dice! … pretty please?


Neither do I have STLs nor do I know how to create them :smiley:
We grabbed wooden cubes and an black marker.