Convert YouTube Videos to MP3


I have seen a few posts wondering how they can convert YouTube videos to audio only or Podcast like files.

I use a product called 4k Video Downloader

There is a 4K YouTube to MP3 as well, I have them both downloaded. I can choose to download either.

It looks like there are even options to do this online. I have not tried this I downloaded the software. It is free. However I have used it SO much that I actually bought a license. It was cheap and I don’t mind supporting them.

I hope this helps.


@TYMONGER Use this program… it works great. All thanks and praise to Chef for this.

You install it and just a couple clicks and it fetches the audio. Then i just upload the audio to my google drive, and then download the files onto my phone through google drive. Takes me about 10 minutes or so and i do a full adventure… .like a 3 sessions roll for effort game.


I am the same way… i dont have time to watch hours of youtube, but i got all day to listen to podcasts at work.

Hope this helps!


What podcast player do you use?


I am an iPhone user. My what makes the 4k downloader so cool is that I have an app called CloudBeats that is a streaming app that uses cloud storage to do its thing. It uses Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and a few I have never heard of. I paid for it however it is SO worth it.

I just checked and it is available for IOS and Android (Google Play).

I have converted almost all of Runehammer, Roll for Effort, Murder HoBo and many more to MP3 so I can listen whenever.


I am an Android user and I use pocket casts… You can create an account via email… When you get a new phone login and get all your podcasts back. Its got a great interface and let’s me listen to podcasts at 2x the speed. Sadly not downloaded YouTube videos though.


Check out CloudBeats my man.


4kFinder is the best video downloader I have ever used. I have converted countless YouTube videos, playlists, and albums to MP3 at 320kbps quality with 4kFinder. You only need to copy and paste the video link for YouTube video to MP3 conversion. Here is a tutorial for downloading YouTube video to MP3 with 4kFinder:

Hope it can help you.


I have been using wondershare.


2Conv online and free is also a perfect alternative. It helps me download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, and AVI. Sometimes I would also use a screen recorder. It supports more formats and is able to save any length of a video or audio in high quality without latency. They are simple, yet very capable. I like both of them.


I am using youtube-dl, a command line application that works on any platform (windows, mac, linux etc.) and works with all popular video sites.

It might be scary at first due to it being a command line app but it has many many useful features like picking the best audio and best video from a source and automatically combining them. Youtube for example doesn’t usually store the best quality video with sound so you can’t really download the best available video with other tools.


I will have to check this out.