Concerning Dice


Everybody needs fun dice [citation needed]!

What’s everyone’s favorite sets of unique or fun dice?

I’ll start:

Dragonwood is a fun game and the dice are a bit different from the typical D6. The dice have one “1” & “4” face, with two “2” & “3” faces.

I love these dice for Timers. They essentially function like a D4 weighted towards 2’s & 3’s.


Here’s another one:

I didn’t like the game itself, but the dice are fun!


Genesys or Star Wars dice - people either love them or hate them, but I love the narrative flavor they can add to a game!

I’d post a picture or a link, but it won’t let me. :frowning:


The Rory’s story cubes are fun…

And pass the pigs!.. don’t know if they really count as dice…but they are fun anyway lol


FATE dice are great, and the die from Small World is nice-it has 1, 2, 3, and three blanks.


ohhhh, what have you used these for in games? Loot?


The X-Wings damage dice. I’ve used them for big monsters that can deal more strikes per hit. On a hit I’ll roll the damage dice and they get anywhere from 0-2 strikes. The look of relief when I roll a 0 on players faces is fun since they know they juuuust barely missed getting smoked by a giants club or falling debris when they normally should have at least taken 1 strike.


I made some “battle dice” for Axis and Allies a while back, I’d like to come up with a way to use them in ttrpgs. They are different colored d6s, each color representing a different units ability to hit. They are just hit/miss dice: the blank faces are a miss and the marked faces are hits. Each color has a different ratio of hit/miss.


@McJJJ I’ve watched some videos of those dice in action, but don’t have a set myself. The narrative variables they add do seem really interesting.

@Pyrix137 I LOVE Rory’s Story Cubes! I’ve got a few of the sets & regularly use them with the kids to tell all sorts of ridiculous stories!

I had to look up Pass the Pigs… looks fun!

@Utmostpants What do you use the Small World die for?


Hey @Looten, I’ve used the Catan dice in a game focused mostly on exploration. I used the symbols as broad categories of things. When players would enter a new area, they’d roll two dice and that would inform the kinds of things they found.

Sheep = animals
Wheat = forage-able plants
Logs = wood products
Bricks = structure (usually a ruins)
One of the Rock symbols = unusual rock formations
The other Rock Symbol = valuables (gold, ore vein, etc.)

It was fun & helped with feeling of discovery.


@OldBen - There are free apps you can use (at least on Android - RPG Dice Roller).

I like it because it will automatically calculate the results, so you can be lazy and not really know what the symbols mean. :wink:


Totally agree with other folks here: Rory’s Story Cubes are great. Fate dice are great. Love the Mouse Guard dice. And Pass the Pigs is hilariously epic.
Haven’t used the others mentioned but they look awesome. My inner and outer dice goblins are making me buy things now, lol.

I’m also a huge fan of the D6 and gotta show off my most recent buys: these DoubleSix dice are hot, hot, hot!! Twelve sided with 1-6 twice.


These look cool, love the shape of the d12… are you using them like any other d6 though?


Yup, I use these in place of the cube a lot. They have a nice roll and so far I haven’t noticed any difference in results.


That’s cool. Are you using them strictly as GM or do your players use them also? I’d be concerned with asking my players to roll ultimate effort or weapon effort and they start tossing the “wrong d12” lol

I like all the different dice, but I really wish I could track down HUGE D4s for timers and such. I use different colored dice for my timers, but it would be fun to have a great big one!


@OldBen-Hey, I think it’s good for little boosts and can be a good countdown display.


Memoir '44.

Also, these:


My kids love this game… Now I have to cannibalize it for timers. :man_shrugging:t3:


Dragonwood? Yeah, mine too! There’s new one out, Dragonrealm. I don’t have it yet, do you?


Nope, but one of mine put it on their Christmas wishlist, so we’ll own it soon.