Co-creation, Roll20 and a few good gamers


I’m thinking of running a Roll20/Discord game on Fridays at 7pm EST/8PM AST and I’d like to gauge interest.

Here’s my pitch: I want to embrace the DIY spirit and co-create the world where our story takes place. It’s an approach I’m quite enamoured with after playing Dungeon World. Potential characters would grow from that discussion.

From there I’d harvest some story seeds, write up some custom loot and milestone/path tables and away we’d go.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, or if you have experience running something similar, I’d love to hear from you.


This sounds pretty much exactly what I’ve been on the search for! Please keep me on your list for this group if you move forward with it. The time you mentioned should usually work for me just fine with the exception of this Friday 2/15 as I have a one off commitment.


Let’s hope there are others! The game begs for this kind of treatment. Re: 2/15 — I can’t imagine we’d kick off until closer to March anyway.


I’m interested as well. Please update as you have more information.


I really like the idea and am interested. I’ve been having similar thoughts as well, with the addition that everyone would trade off DMing, everyone building off the events of the previous session.

I can’t make that time unfortunately. Are you flexible on that at all?


Day could possibly shift (Thursday?) but timing would need to stay the same — I’m on the edge of the edge of the east coast and I need to be able to get up for work!

I dig the idea of a persistent World with rotating GMs…never tried that before.


Ok well count me in if you settle on Thursday. I understand that might not work for everyone else though


I’ll let you know. Figure if I can find 4-5 dedicated players we’ll give it a go. Wanted to start with this community before I posted on Roll20.