Closest system for Foundry VTT?



I would love a full-blown C&S system in Foundry. But it’s unlikely that one will be made soon. Thus, what existing systems would be best for running a C&S campaign? By ‘best’ I mean ‘least hassle’.


I was going to make a similar post, I’m going to follow this closely. I love foundry and run 90% of my games on there (I run a game every night of the week at the moment) I plan to run C&S as soon as one of my other games ends.


What I propose until an official system is created is…

  • Game System: Simple Worldbuilding System
  • Modules:
    • Freeform Sheets
    • Dice Tray
    • Dice So Nice

Then overlay the phases image as a tile, and the Seven Pointed Compass. Bam, good to go until an official system is made.

Check out this video. It should be a good example

There is also ways to add formulas to a sheet and such.


Has someone created a Freeform Sheet for C&S yet?

If not, I will try my luck and post the results here later.


I’m just getting into Crown & Skull. Curious if there have been any advances in using Foundry VTT. If anyone has a setup they are liking I would love the details on setting it up.

For now, I’m watching the video @FilBot3 posted and will follow their post as a starting point.

@Bendhuin Did you ever get something working?



Hey nullman!

I have not made any real progress. I started, but since I have not finished before our first sessions got in the way. The short of it, we are playing in our previous foundry world with the ezd6 system and every player is keeping track of their chars at home on paper or googledoc. I just change the miniatures health and add the phase tracker on the battle map.

The system is that easy to actually play, we have had no problem with this setup.


The easiest solution is to just use the Simple Worldbuilding System that comes as a default with Foundry. Make the actor sheets and just add the skills and items in the appropriate areas. It is, literally, as fast as typing them into a Word document.


Hi All

Some good suggestions in this thread.

I followed Filbot3’s advice at first, then developed my FoundryVTT setup once I’d played around with Foundry and ended up with this:

  • Game System: ICRPG Master Edition
  • PDF Pager
  • Dice Tray
  • Dice So Nice
  • Combat Chat
  • Character Sheet: Homebrew form-fillable PDF sheet

The monster sheets in the ICRPGME module are perfect for Crown & Skull, and the PDF Character Sheet works great. I also created several journals for the C&S rules, along with journals for Hex Rolls, Mapless Dungeons, etc.

I’ve been running my online game for around six months now and have had no issues whatsoever. This setup isn’t too dissimilar to what Filbot3 suggests, and proves you can do it without an “official” module with a little work.

I’d be happy to share the homebrew Character Sheet for anyone who wants to use it. I just don’t know how. It’s two pages: The main character sheet and a sheet for notes, pouch items, etc. so if anyone can suggest how I can share it with you all - please let me know