Closest system for Foundry VTT?



I would love a full-blown C&S system in Foundry. But it’s unlikely that one will be made soon. Thus, what existing systems would be best for running a C&S campaign? By ‘best’ I mean ‘least hassle’.


I was going to make a similar post, I’m going to follow this closely. I love foundry and run 90% of my games on there (I run a game every night of the week at the moment) I plan to run C&S as soon as one of my other games ends.


What I propose until an official system is created is…

  • Game System: Simple Worldbuilding System
  • Modules:
    • Freeform Sheets
    • Dice Tray
    • Dice So Nice

Then overlay the phases image as a tile, and the Seven Pointed Compass. Bam, good to go until an official system is made.

Check out this video. It should be a good example

There is also ways to add formulas to a sheet and such.