Classless EZD6



I’m in love with the framework what the EZD6 rules created. The only thing bugging me a bit is the arbitrary armor system (the art of the conjurer is the sh*t, but I can say, he doesn’t wear light armor :D) .

In my morning mumbling (daily routine until noone arrives in the office) I was thinking on a simple homebrew for that:

You start with

  • 3 Strikes
  • No hero path boons
  • You start with more inclinations (4+, don’t know yet)
  • You can wear any armor.

Light armor (leather, gambeson etc): 6+ to Save againts wounds.
Medium armor (breatplate, scalemail etc.): 5+ to Save against wounds, but imposes bane on any taks, that requires you to be silent.
Heavy armor (full plate): 4+ to Save againts wounds, but imposes bane on casting magick and on any taks, that requires you to be silent or mobile.
Shield: -1 to Save againts wounds, but cannot cast while holding it.

(If it feels too strong, we can change to:
Medium armor: imposes bane on casting.
Heavy armor: imposes bane on casting, and any ability, that needs high mobility or being silent.
You cannot cast, while holding a shield.)

Every character abilities is handled by inclinations.

Bonus inclinations, like:

  • Hardened: gain 1 Strikes (you can have 5 max)
  • Spell-touched: pick a circle of sorcery
  • Battle-caster: casting in heavy armor doesn’t impose bane. (or in medium if we go with the second armor rule)
  • Light-footed: you have boon on evading attacks, but you can wear only light armor.
  • Protected: your miraculous saves succeed at 5+.
  • Slick: wearing medium armor doesn’t impose bane on task requiring to be silent.
  • plus you can choose from all hero path abilities (RR discreation)

I haven’t played it yet, so it’s only armchair DMing, but maybe it’s good for some inspiration, or someone has some reflections on it. :slight_smile:

Have a great day, game on!


I’m liking the idea. I’ve been thinking of a classless character solution aswell. Though, I haven’t gotten anything written down yet.


Quick and easy like you said on the armor works. Then take the hero path abilities and make them inclinations. Right now It seems that characters get 4 or five hero path features between boons and abilities, and then 3 inclinations for humans, and 2 for the others plus 2 species abilities. That sits at 6-8 inclination like abilities per character.


A great jumping-off point! With these rules I think all characters would start with light armor, or medium if they take a particular inclination, and then gate heavy armor behind a wealth value like lordly wealth. Otherwise I could see all players agreeing to ignore stealth and go full heavy armor.


Reviewing this with some more experience and time, I might give heavy armor a bane to ranged attacks and perception tasks. Shields would definitely give a bane to thrown weapons.