Cheap Graphics Tablet?


Have been doing some arting every day so far, feels good. One question though. I think my images may be too big, I do 11*17 Inches at 300 dpi. They look great but when I do tokens for example and have to scale them down there is so much detail lost as the lines are fine. Anyone have a good recommendation?


i usually do my tokens at a canvas 10x6 (or 6x10 for landscape creatures such as wolves or alligators and 6x6 for foreground tokens like boulders and bushes). when i am done i use the wand tool to select the whole drawing and trim the canvas to fit the token (crop tool also works well for this, but then you have to adjust the size yourself). it seems to keep the detail pretty well when i upload it into roll 20. i hope this helps you out man. i cant wait to see some of your work!


here is one of my recent assets that i made (a yog crystal heart for a golem) using the 6x6 method i explained above.


Thanks TheWunderLich, it’s a good pointer. I am not really painting any bigger than that. What’s your DPI and do you export to R20 in full res? Because I size my tokens down to about 200*200px


I just use the dpi that it starts as, pretty sure its 300, but I would have to check my computer to make sure. I save the pics as a .png and upload it to roll20 as is, the resolution seems to be fine so far. Hope that is helpful


It is, thank you very much!


Just my two cents here but if you were to produce tokens to sell on Roll20 they require 280 x 280 at 72 DPI (PNG). I took that to be a good standard to follow. However, I have found that if you start with 280 x 280 it is pixelated when you illustrate it in photoshop and the quality is really not that good. I found that the best method is to start larger and illustrate at 560 x 560 at 300 DPI, I then make a copy of the final image and reduce the size to 280 x 280 at 72 DPI (PNG). This method allows for better line quality and then meets the recommended size requirements from Roll20, anything larger is actually a waste of space and bogs down the system. 300 DPI is best for if you were to print a physical copy on paper, not as a digital asset.

Maps and backgrounds are a different animal, they start much larger. 1920 x 1080 (JPEG) is a rough standard. I begin with 300 DPI and then make a copy and reduce the DPI to 72 while keeping the 1920 x 1080 size. Roll20 recommends JPEG for backgrounds.

Hope this helps!


XP-Pen. Budget price, and it’s been working like a charm close to a year.

I think mine is Star G640 - $30.


I am just doing them for my players. Thanks though, good advice.


Fair enough, your players are lucky to have you running things!


Heh Thanks, we will see.