Cave Lizards - Help me create



Hello Everyone! Back again asking for another coop on the creation of “missing” Blood and Snow beasts. I’m running the Relic Hunters adventure and in the first event of the conclusion the book says this:

2D6 cave lizards find the players every 1D4 rounds (pg 315 - Master Edition)

I’ve just made the art, now is the time for the fun part: attacks and moves.

What we know about them:

  • Cave habitat (duh!)
  • They move around in packs
  • They live near a poisonous environment, full of heavy metal slag debris and fumes

For the characteristics part I was thinking of making them with cannibalistic tendencies, they will devour anything, including their own. This should put a bit of terror in the hearts of the players…

Well, I’ll start with the obvious attack:

POISONOUS BITE: The saliva of these predators is poisonous due to the concentrated amount of toxic metals. BASIC DAMAGE and if you fail a CON roll every action will be HARD for 1D4 ROUNDS.

Any more ideas?


Maybe they only attack when they outnumber the PCs? But if there aren’t enough to attack, they follow you in the dark, just out of range, and wait until more lizards join the pack.

I don’t know how far you want to go with the poison angle, but maybe those spines along their backs are poisonous as well, if you pick one up, to CON vs Poison.

They could have a poison spit attack, probably close range. They spit at your eyes then skitter away. DEX save or you’re Blinded for d4 rounds.

They’re not smart, they’re just opportunistic and ravenously hungry.

Maybe they do a little chirping sound that calls more lizards.

All the time they’ve spent in the slag tunnels has given their skin a metallic tone. They blend in with the walls and are always HARD to see.


Awesome ideas there!

I don’t want to push too much on the poison thing because right after that the big boss will come and it is a mean giant serpent with plenty of that for the players to overcome. I’m thinking of having them go on a quest for rare extracts that will grant them some temporary immunity to the effects of said poison so they can at least have a chance against the monster. If the lizards are too poisonous they will consume all their resources before…

Adding you ideas @Micah369

SPIT ATTACK: The lizard spits a stinky venom on your eyes reaching NEAR distance. Make a DEX save or you’re Blinded for 1D4 TURNS.

GUERRILA TACTICS: Surviving in the tunnels is a messy business, the lizards learned how to keep their distance, using their natural camouflage to hide in the dark and attack at the worst moment. They are HARD to see while in their habitats.

STRENGHT IN NUMBERS: These predators only fight when they can win. Every 1D4 rounds 2D6 cave lizards find the players. If they outnumbered their targets they will attack on the next round.


The complete monster sheet:

I’ve added the tail attack too.

What do you guys think?


Love it! I was thinking a tail attack would be cool, but I didn’t know if they would be large enough to make a tail swipe dangerous to a human.

That’s a great point about the poison too, maybe they can harvest some lizard parts to make an anti-venom before the big fight.