Casual Beat-em-up Discord Server (Interest Check)


Confession time: I have never run a session of ICRPG, or any RPG. I haven’t so much as played one beyond a session zero. I’m ready to change that in 2024. Problem is, none of my local friends are down to play, and I’m nervous to join a group because I’m afraid of flubbing the rules or being That Guy and wrecking a game for others.

So to ease my way into the hobby, I plan to set up a Discord server, announce a time, and run some stakes-free combat sessions for anyone who happens to show up. This would most likely take place for one or two hours at a time, usually starting at midnight Central time. No commitment required. Drop in, split some wigs, and drop out at your leisure. Noob friendly, obviously, and any participation and critique by more experienced players would be greatly appreciated.

Would anyone be interested in a format like this? Is this a disastrously stupid idea?


This was sort of how early D&D was run, I think it might be called a ‘West-marches’ campaign. I think it would be able to work, as long as everybody had their own characters and made sure to make them in the same vibe/world. What could end up happening is that an entire world could be fleshed out this way, and organically grow.

I think its a great idea!


That’s what I’m thinking; some very beer-and pretzels action so people can have some fun when they’re not taking part in full campaigns, and I can get the hang of things. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Carnon, the “City of Graves,” is under siege. A corrupting presence has infested the ancient cemetery on the east side of town. Each night from dusk to dawn, the earth heaves up undead abominations, from skeletons to banshees to unrecognizable constructs of flesh and bone. Those who take up arms to put down the threat are promised treasure, the eternal gratitude of the townsfolk, and a free gar back at the pub once the sun comes up.

I would LOVE to eventually have a legit West Marches campaign, with multiple DMs, and people forming groups on the fly to explore the world beyond Carnon. I’m willing to crawl until I learn to walk, though.


This sounds a like wonderful idea. I am definitely interested.

I have played a couple campaigns but the last few years I have been the sole TTRPG hobbyist in my friend groups. Instead of playing, I spend my time reading RPG books and learning how to run games that my friends are not interested in. It feels weird trying to learn how to be a GM without having much of the experience of playing.


Though the timeline does’t work for me, I think it’s a fine idea. I also think you can let go of your anxiety. The ICRPG community loves new players, and there are acres of folks happy to share their wisdom and play in/run a one shot. Ruining a game come from being unkind to others, not a lack of system mastery. And if you’re ever in a game in which someone says your having questions about it is ruining their fun, get away from that person fast - they are bad news!

Just FYI @Therizinosaurus what Axcrazy has described is not a West Marches game, which is a game with a consistent game world played in by multiple players forming their own play groups for each session. Slightly different from just some short one-shot games.


Thanks very much for the kind words! The Shield Wall has been nothing but welcoming to me so far, and it means a lot.