[Canceled] "Storagebox 27-F" (ICRPG Cosmic Horror Oneshot)


Canceled due a lack of players

Vienna in March 1921. Gretel Klein disappeared 5 years ago and was recently declared dead by the Vienna administrative district. At the reading of her will, you learn of a small storeroom on the outskirts of the city, which you plan to clear out with some acquaintances.

Genre: Cosmic Horror
System: ICRPG: Amid Infinity
Tech: Discord (Voice+Video) and ICVTT

For the oneshot there are pre-made characters that can be expanded a bit if needed.

Actual date and time can be shifted around a bit, just let me know!

How to join: Join the ICRPG Community Discord (https://discord.gg/H76tfBZZEX) and grab access to the #cosmic-horror channel


Hi! I’d be interested if you are still into running it at some other point in time!