Can you not use Phases in the game?


Hi everyone,

I’m a big fan of EZD6 and my players love having group initiative (they all go, then all the enemies go) as they have been able to team up, work together, and be very creative.

I’m wanting to pick up C&S because I love the attrition idea/character creation, and other things! But the rigid “Phase” order where if you’re THIS type of player, you have to go HERE, and structured combat feels counter-intuitive to the other creative aspects of the game.

So i’m wondering…is this a necessity in the game? Can you just “drop” the Phase/Turn order of combat and the game would be the same? Would love feedback about this before I decide to buy the game or not! Thanks!


Players aren’t locked into one Phase forever. You pick your phase at the beginning of combat, and then you’re locked in for that combat.

Next encounter? Try a different Phase.

If the players want to all go together, they can all pick the same Phase.

I’d also be curious to experiment with keeping the player’s Phases freeform. GM calls the Phase, monsters roll tactics when they need to, and players jump in when they’re ready to act. Might slow things down a bit though, hard to say.

It’s also worth pointing out… One of the key challenges in Crown and Skull is that player action economy is effectively halved vs other RPG systems. You don’t get a free movement every turn, you get a Move or an Action.

Then, the monsters may have 2+ Tactics on up to 3 Phases… That really pushes the action economy in favor of the monster. In a player turn > monster turn system, having a monster that takes 3-6 (or 9) actions is gonna be rough.

Try it out though and see what you think! I don’t think the Phases are as restrictive as you’re thinking they are, but if they feel to restrictive for your group, tinker with it and see what works.