Can’t find a video


Hello shield wall! I’m not sure if it’s just me but I can’t find the Runehammer video that talked about the Economy of Ideas. I was wondering if anybody remembers where it is. Or if it was taken down did anybody snag a screenshot of the chart.


I thought that was a Mainframe, not a video.

If you are a Patreon supporter this link might get you there.

I, too, felt like it might have been a video at first. But I attribute that to the colorful cinematic detail HF brought to his descriptions there.

If not that one, though there’s a couple others close by that may be on point.


I’m sure it was a video on YouTube. I was watching it as I was washing dishes haha. I shared it on Parler but you know Parler currently out of commission soooo yea. I remember the basics of it being that the GM and the players provide certain thing that the others want. For instance the players want an easy encounter so they “pay” the GM with ideas to make things easier. And the GM wants Lore so they “pay” the player encounter ideas so they can buy deeper into the story.

It could have been a stream?


That one’s not ringing a bell for me. I’m less likely to catch streams and stuff unless there’s a clear nudge or pull, due to my work hours and just never been a big YouTuber.

Good luck!


Thanks for the help Lon!


@Homebrew_Heroes, I know the livestream you’re talking about. I’ll edit this post if I find it.

EDIT: It was taken down and I never got a screengrab. Sorry I couldn’t be helpful!


That’s ok @SunderedWorldDM my friend. Glad I’m not the only one that has seen it!