C&S Player cards


Hi, shield!

For my starting campaign in C&S, I am thinking of giving players their skills, items, spells, etc, in the form of cards that, if they want, they can print and “flip” when damaged.

The PTS cost is in the bottom left corner.
Pictures from Magic the gathering cards.

Is this something that can interest people?


I actually like this idea at the table, where the players have their skills and equipment in front of them and they TAP the card for Attrition and discard when the equipment is actually destroyed.


Yes, I “hate” character sheets, and I was trying last year to design a rpg system with only cards as abilities and equipment, failing.
But C&S fits perfectly in that initial idea.


Wow! I don’t play C&S but these look awesome :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I need to catch up on everything C&S!.. cause these look great. Looking forward to the rest of the “set”… maybe the community could support with our own cards? Do we have a shareable template we can all use???

Game On!


I did a Python code that generates the cards from an Excel sheet. I can share a Google sheet, and we can populate it all together.

At this link are the few cards I did to try out. the code

Filling out the Excel together will speed up a lot.

I can also give the Python code and explain how it works.
Basically, you need Python on your pc (eventually, it can be run on google colab), the pictures in a dedicated folder with the same name as the card, download the Excel file, everything in the same folder, and then run it.
If people are also interested in this, I can clean the code and share the settings.

There is also a second code to make all cards in a pdf with 3x3 cards per page, ready to print.

Let me know if this is something can be of interest.

PS: also I did by myself the crappy background with Gimp, but very happy to improve it with the the help of someone xD


Love the idea!!

Do you have the code in GitHub, GitLab or similar?


Not yet, but I will clean the code and put it on git hub next week


Sorry for the delay (I completely forgot to do that)

I just loaded it on GitHub, if something does not work, let me know. I did not put any pictures - because I do not own right to those - so you would need to gather pics for the cards.


Thanks a lot Raimondo!!!


A most excellent, glad to see great minds think a like. These are way cooler than the ones I was making.


I found this website to allow creating cards. Much easier than doing with custom code!!
Really suggested if you are looking to make cards for your table.