Buried in the Bahamas [Pirate Borg]


Ahoy, mateys! If yer wanting to fill ye coffers with gold and gems, or if yer just looking to hide from the constables, then grab a berth on The Tarantula and let us sail the seas in infamy!

I’ve a map, ye see. A map to hidden riches beyond any of yer previous plunder. With your aid we’ll most certainly find it, aye. Though ye’d best bring your cutlass and flintlock for who knows what swims the depths of this Dark Caribbean.

We’ll be playing Pirate Borg - “A scurvy ridden, rules light RPG based on Mörk Borg. Inspired by history, fantasy, horror, and rum. Your cutlass & flintlock won’t save you from hordes of skeletons and ghost ships…”

Check out the random pirate generator to quickly become a pirate, or register to play and I’ll send you a character generation guide.

Let’s get salty!


I’m interested in the game, do I need to get a copy of Mörk Borg?


Nope. Pirate Borg is very nearly it’s own thing and leans away from the death metal vibe of MB to bring its very own character to the table. I can send you a PDF with basic rules and character gen details if you’d like.


I would very much like a copy, and count me in. Love me some pirate shenanigans.


I won’t be able to play, but I’ve played Pirate Borg before, and had a hoot! Blessings on your voyage, and God speed!


Much thanks @The_Merlitron. We shall keep the powder dry, blades sharp, and our hook hands… well, hooky.


Calling all rapscallions and swashbucklers, we’ve room on board The Tarantula for 3 more crew to plunder the seas of the Dark Caribbean.

Come, ye pirates! Let’s set sail.


I would, but I’m running a game the night before, and the following morning is the first day of the new school year for my first born, so I’ll have to catch a ride on the next voyage.


No worries. See on the docks for the next voyage :trident::skull:


Pirate Borg is an absolute gem :heart:


Its definitely a very fun setting, especially with the naval combats.


The system is awesome too!


Yup! Very similar to ICRPG with approach to play.

We’ve started a west marches style campaign, too, if any here are interested in hopping into a game to get a feel.


It’s very cool but it’s going to be difficult: not the same Time zone and a,Blais is not my first language :blush: but it’s nice!

After Pirate Borg similar to ICRPG… it’s a bold move, and I have to disagree :smile:
Simpler rules, logical mechanics, and above all, PB offers well-described adventures that you can manage as you wish, with lots of exploration for example.


Interesting. I’ve not known anyone to feel ICRPG mechanics be not logical, or the rules not be simple.

But, the two systems share modifier only abilities, levels of Hard and Easy (PB using increments of two), hero coins/devils luck, and a rulings over rules approach. If you’ve played one the other is easy to grok.


Oh yes quite a few people are of this opinion (have a look on Reddit).
I’m familiar with both systems, that’s why I’m saying this.


I’d be interested in checking out those basic rules if you’re willing to send them my way…



Sure thing. Grab the player guide here…