Blood & Snow Ezd6



I’m wondering if anyone here has played EZD6 in an ICRPG world. My favorite setting I have ever GM’d is Blood & Snow. It’s also two of my kids’ favorite settings (one liked Warpshell most).

I have two challenges ahead of me.

  1. How to convert the setting to EZD6, because that’s our preferred game.
  2. How to do something new with Blood & Snow. We have run 2.5 B&S campaigns in the setting. One had dinosaurs and magic. And, the other was a failed attempt to use a wizard key door as a portal into an ICRPG Planescape campaign, but cavemen jumping around Alfheim and space didn’t really work out like we were hoping.

It should be fun coming up with something new but familiar for my kids to play. I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions or has attempted a similar feat.


I am not sure about converting B&S to EZD6 as I don’t have EZD6. However, as far as something new and interesting, I am going to recommend something old and dusty.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyal’s Lost World, a group of explorers trek into the unknown wilderness of the Amazon. Set around the turn of the 20th century the explorers are a News Reporter, a Professor, his Wife, and an Adventurer. Many adventures can be had while exploring the preserved pre-historic landscape in the center of the plateau.


I think I would do this by eliminating hero paths, and turn everything into inclinations; each player gets to pick 5. You could also pretty easily take the armor degradation rules, but you might want to give a miraculous save to prevent further armor loss.


It’s been a minute since I read Lost World. I do want to keep it paleolithic, but maybe I can take them out of the snow and put them in the jungle.

I like your idea of trekking through an area like the Amazon. Maybe they can go through pyramids and stuff.


I was thinking the same about inclinations. B&S doesn’t have hero paths. Each character chooses to tags or whatever they’re called. So, that part is easy.

About the miraculous save, how would you implement that for armor loss?



So after taking damage, roll a miraculous save. If you make it, armor doesn’t degrade; if you fail, it needs repair. The only problem I see is that this makes each hit like a 3 roll affair to resolve, and that just doesn’t seem right for EZD6. Might be wiser to just keep armor as is.


I thought some island hopping Moana style adventuring would also be fun! I like getting into different environments, and the specific challenges that they offer.


I was thinking about something like this. I read a graphic novel about Inuit mythology. This once specific tribe told stories of islands full of magical people and beasts that could only be reached when the ice on the sea was walkable.


How about no extra rolls? Just have a 1 on an armor save cause degradation.


So tidy! Love it! This is the sort of elegant solutions that keep me coming back to the wall.


I like that idea a lot.