Blood and Snow: The White Elk Tribe Ch. 5 - The Night Horns



Here is a quick and dirty summary of how it all went down last night:

  • Gray the Burned, having slaughtered the abusive and tyranical chief Rokk Son of Rokk, assembles a secret team of Seekers to scope out some locations that her Comm Device is pointing at. She wants to find a way to summon the Allmother again, but without her Chieftainess Una’s knowledge.

  • After the Seekers’ first successful mission, Gray dubs the three “Night Horns,” an elite designation of her own invention.

  • Gray ultimately confesses to Una what she has done, and Una gives her permission to send the Night Horns on a second and final mission: to find the Single Triangulated Point that the Comm Device has indicated. It happens to be the tribe’s only hope at finding a new place to settle since their current location is too harsh.

  • The three Night Horns, Oelspek, Talgrim and Belatokk, are joined by a fourth, a hermit named Krintok the Failed who is rechristened Krin, also a Night Horn now.

  • The four elite seekers set off to walk a straight line towards the Single Triangulated Point, using the stars as their guide. Immediately they are confronted with… really good weather.

  • They reach an advanced village, newly barren of its inhabitants. The Night Horns encounter a gigantic beast resembling a hyena, but ten feet tall (andrewsarcus).

  • The Night Horns cower in a small hut and one of them manages to scare off the massive beast. They search the village and find quality gear.

  • As they press on in the trek to the next point of interest, they are wracked by… even better weather.

  • They are forced into a cave, where the four observe a wooly rhinocerous facing off with a giant sloth guarding its young.

  • The Night Horns incite the rhino immediately, fall into crevasse below, run up and down looking for a way out, face off with the sloths, and ultimately kill everything except for a couple of sloth babies.

  • The Night Horn known as Belatokk is slain in this process as he tries to mount the raging rhinocerous.

  • The remaining three set out on their final leg of the journey, but Talgrim is lost to the blinding white snow of the plains.

  • The remaining Seekers, Krin and Oelspek, arrive at an icy field surrounded by tall land bergs of ice. They discover a fellow Seeker but from another tribe, a peculiar man who is trapped by some rocks.

  • They free this man and soon discover they are near the nest of a Terrible Bird, as well as a field of semi-hibernating giant armadillos with spiky tails.

  • They are then attacked by a bird the size of a WWII fighter plane, colored like a raven and angry that they draw near her giant nest full of eggs. The first bird attack leaves one Night Horn down to 1 HP.

  • They manage to avoid being attacked by the groggy armadillos, and make way across the icy river.

  • They dodge a bird attack and make it into the giant nest, where they find the Teacher Stone they had set out to find.

  • It is surrounded by dead Outsiders, whose fusion-powered suits still emit warmth. The dead bodies are arranged around the rock and the eggs, as the Terrible Bird used them to warm her eggs.

  • The Night Horn Krin, who recently gained the ability to read Teacher Stones, attempts twice to decipher the stone even under the mounting pressure of Terrible Bird attacks. On his second attempt, he succeeds and the world goes white…


We weren’t cowering in the hut…we were preparing to pounce :wink:


Yeah that was kind of a mean choice of terminology. lol